Black Water Coming Out Of Tub Faucet

Black Water Coming Out Of Tub Faucet. You go to your toilet to excrete the waste from your body which follows by washing your hands from the toilet’s faucet. What if you find out that instead of clean and pure water, black water streams out from your faucet?

How you would be feeling? Is it something out of the blue that has occurred. Just picture yourself again after excreting your waste from body and you find out black water pouring out from the faucet.

Are you going to wash your hands with such water? The answer is yes but with a huge rock on your heart because you have only this water to wash your hands. If you believe in any superstition then you might contemplate to have an act of expulsion of evil from your home.

Nevertheless it’s not as much serious as you think, but for sure this disfigurement of water is the source of bothering to you and you really want to know the causes behind such disfigurement of water to avoid the displeasing experience in future.

This writeup is being written from the point of view to let all of you know the causes behind this disfigurement of water so that you can avoid such displeasing experience in future.

Black Water Coming Out Of Tub Faucet

black water coming out of tub faucet

Why black water is coming out of tub faucet

Now when you have turned the faucet you are seeing black water coming out of it and it is frustrating for you to see it and you just want to know the cause of this disfigurement of water so you can take needed steps to deal up with it to get your desired result of clean water.

The following causes are contributors of you disfigurement of water.

Too little magnesium and too much oxygen

Of the deposits usually it’s the magnesium found in the water. Since it is of insignificant quantity in water you are not likely to feel and experience the presence of magnesium in water.

As you all know that water contains oxygen as well , now if the oxygen is present in water in too much quantity and magnesium that is of insignificant amount.

If both of them mix with each other then it would result in disfigurement of water. In other words too much oxygen is actual cause of disfigurement of water not insignificant quantity of magnesium.

Solution of disfigured water in case of magnesium and oxygen cause

Although the disfigured water is not too dangerous for it still its most awful experience for you therefore you would not even like to wait for sometime to get the clean water back.

Through the usage of testing kits first make sure what the underlying problem is that is causing disfigurement of water.

The moment you are sure that its too little magnesium and more oxygen in the water is the only cause then you must make a sagacious move by making a purchase of a water softener because it works in more effective manner than filter.

Old And Rusty Pipes

old and rusty pipes

Like everything pipes also have their life, hence from time to time they are in need to be replaced.

Old pipes do get with the passage of time are prone to catch rust and that rust can mix up with water and as a result you can have disfigured water.

Initially you experience slow speed of flow of water from faucet or the wash basin obstructed with the water in it.

First, the water that comes out of it might be the litter darker one which might get worse with the passage of time.

In case you see the cause is not the magnesium and oxygen then more likely the cause of disfigured water is old and rusty pipes.

Solution Of Disfigured Water In Case Of Old And Rusty Pipes

In case you find out the reason for the disfigurement of the water is old pipes, then it would be wise of you to make a call to give a call to a professional who knows the best possible way to get behind the wall to fix the issue for you.

Work Of Construction

work of construction

Sometimes you will see that there is no water flow at all from your faucets and then after some time you see disfigured water flowing from the faucet, don’t be worried because the probabilities are more of work of some construction somewhere near to your home.


Black Water Coming Out Of Tub Faucet. From this, we conclude that although the disfigured water is not too dangerous still you would want to get it fixed as quickly as possible because no one imagines washing their hands with black water and cooking their food and cleaning their hands from it.

You also now know that too much oxygen and too less magnesium make a synergy of disfigured water and if the water is disfigured not due to the mentioned synergy then old and rusty pipes are more likely to be the cause of disfigurement of water.

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