Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl

Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl. You are just about to enter in toilet of your dearly loved home , you begin to smell a bad odor coming from the toilet, more closer you get to toilet the stronger that unpleasant smells get.

Now you have entered in the toilet and as result, that unwelcoming and undesirable smell has increased significantly sufficient to make it the worst experience for you.

You try to look around for inquiry of your own to know the reason of the unpleasant smell and then finally you see a brown stain in bottom of the toilet bowl.

Now what to do? Instant thought that occurs at such time is what to do and how to fight out this issue?  Not everyone knows exactly how to fight out this issue, that’s why this writeup throws some light on the method required for this so that you can be at ease by getting the desired end.

Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl

brown stain in bottom of toilet bowl

Why brown stain in the bottom of your toilet is issue?

Following reasons throw good light in for you to know this is really a big issue that needs a quick resolve

Human by nature loves perfection and perfection he sees in cleanliness.  A blemish on the bottom of your toilet bowl doesn’t shows its clean, therefore this must be removed quickly.

Perfection is desired for the human nose as well, stain in the bottom of the toilet bowl obviously gives an unpleasant smell that is not desired and on top of that unpleasant smell is also not beneficial for human health.

Therefore this stain must be removed quickly with a quick and less time taking resolve.

Your guests may form a negative impression of you in case they have to make use of your toilet, it can be an abysmal experience for you. So what are you waiting for?  Decide it right now to remove that stain, don’t procrastinate it, just do it.

Methods Of Removing The Stain In The Toilet Bowl

These brown stain carries the potential of obstinacy therefore it is of utmost significance that you chose the right methodology to remove this stains otherwise be sure that you are not going to get the desired end.

  • Synergy of baking soda and vinegar

synergy of baking soda and vinegar

Combined effect of baking soda and vinegar forms carbonic acid. Take a vessel of vinegar and then put it in the bowl of the toilet for a period of an hour. Scattering the baking soda in the toilet bowl is the step to be followed.

The vinegar that was already spilled would assist to attach the walls of bowl.  To start of a sparkling response pour in some vinegar.

Wait for it to gurgle for 15 to 20 minutes. Make a usage of nylon stifle brushes to stroke and rub the toilet bowl to cleanse it. These nylon brushes help the bowl of toilet to be cleaned from stains.

  • Coca Cola and baking soda

Not many people know that coca cola has multiple usages, including cleaning usage. Blending it with the baking soda can assist you in removing the stains from bowl.

Pour in the baking soda in the bowl of toilet and then make an addition of 15 ml coke on it. As soon as response begins then wait for some 10 to 15 minutes to let it settle.

Rub the outside with not much force with a scrapper. After doing this give a brief washout and flush it.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

Of the most commonly used reagents to cleanse the challenge posing stains is hydrogen peroxide.

In the toilet bowl pour in half a vessel of cleaning agent that contains hydrogen peroxide and make it sure every spot is well covered.

Wait for some 30 minute so that you allow the solution to settle, after doing so now just flush it and see the difference, you are done.

  • Juice of Lemon and Vinegar

One of the very effective stains removing agents is lemon and juice and when you make an addition of vinegar in it, it makes a way too powerful an effect.

Take half a vessel of vinegar and half lemon in a blending jug. Fill up the stain with this mixture and then let it settle for some 30 to 35 minutes.

Make sure you have covered the lid of the bowl. After doing this procedure rub the stained spot of your toilet bowl and then flush it.

That’s all we have today for our readers. We hope it was meaningful hence helpful for all of you.


Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl. From the above discussion, you not only got to learn the different methods to clean the brown stain in the bowl but also you got to know why you must take an immediate decision to clean them up.

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