Can bed bugs get into plastic bins

Can bed bugs get into plastic bins. Bed bugs are very, rather tiny creatures. Being bugs they are a part of the kingdom Animalia and as for their genus, it is Cimex.

You might have noticed that the most size bed bugs are the size of an apple which is quite small. Their structure is like an oval shape and in the contrast their body color is reddish-brown. They have a specifically gross fragrance.

Can bed bugs get into plastic bins

can bed bugs get into plastic bins

When humans are like us let their curiosity get the better of us. We think of things that don’t even make sense. Still, curiosity is a good thing. So let us discuss if the bed bugs can get into places like our plastic bins.

Bed bugs do not like slippery places as they are difficult to climb and they do not have any grip on surfaces that are slippery.

We know that the bins which are made up of plastic have really slippery surfaces.

Reasons why bedbugs do not enter plastic bin

There are various reasons when it comes to bed bugs not entering the bin/ Some of them are discussed below:

  • Slippery plastic surface

As the bed bugs cannot climb the slippery surface of plastic they do not or rather are unable to enter plastic bins.

Even if the bed bugs accidentally enter the plastic bin, it will be very hard or even impossible for them to escape, so keeping that in mind they do not enter the plastic bins

  • Too much moist

too much moist

The plastic bins having a slippery surface is not the only reason for bed bugs not to enter them.

Bed bugs hate moisture and bins have trash that might contain moist is not liked by bed bugs. So the begs bugs do not enter the plastic bins.

  • Lack of hiding places

Another reason which I think of is that bed bugs like o be at places where they feel safe and are hidden from predators or any other beings.

But in the plastic bins, they are not safe or do not feel safe this is because they can be spotted easily if there is less waste in the bins. So they do not and because of the slippery surface cannot enter the plastic bins.

Reason for using plastic bin

reason for using plastic bin

Due to the above reason of slippery surface and the reason for it being not being a very good hiding spot bed bugs do not like to set foot in any of the plastic materials.

So many people store their things in plastic containers to keep them safe. This method has proven to be effective and is widely used all around.

Getting rid of bed bugs

getting rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are persistent bugs who hide and attack us when they like.

Bed bugs can be a major problem if their number is not looked after.  What we must do is get rid of them as quickly as we can.

Bed bugs can be killed with help of heat. They can also be killed with help of insecticides or pesticides.

If you just want to keep them away so you don’t have a problem, to begin with you can use repellents. The repellents can be both natural and artificial. we just need them to get rid of the bed bugs. only the end result matters.


Why do bedbugs avoid plastic bins?

Bedbugs avoid bins because they have higher chance of being hunt by their predators.

Where do bed bugs hide in the house?

Bedbugs hide in places like your beds and other furniture. As they want to be close to you as possible so they can feed more and faster.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?


Can bed bugs get into plastic bins. Now we know what bed bugs are and what kind of effects bed bugs can have in our life if they enter our homes. The type or kind of diseases they are able to cause.

The germs they transfer. The things they are able to attract. And even some useful methods that can help us get rid of the bed bugs. And I even gave or justified the reason why we need to get rid of the bugs.

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