Can Bed Bugs Lay Their Eggs In Your Skin

Can Bed Bugs Lay Their Eggs In Your Skin. Bed bugs are miniature bugs. They belong to the genus Cimex of the kingdom Animalia. The biggest size the adults of these bugs reach is the size of an apple seed. just like the seed, they have an oval shape and their color is reddish-brown.

They give a really bad odor. They live mostly in areas where they can find moisture or place they can consider safe. Bed bugs mostly have a solo life. They are not considered to be very social so unlike aunts, they do not have colonies or groups.

But this doesn’t change the fact that bed bugs can hide in one place in numbers more than one. The solo bed bugs usually find different spots so that do not have o share their meal with other bugs or even the bugs of their own kind.

It takes as much as seven weeks for the bed bugs to develop into a complete adult. If you spot several adult bed bugs that would mean that it has been seven weeks or more from the time they have invaded your house. You should vary your surroundings more than you are now. This will help you be prepared for the future.

Can Bed Bugs Lay Their Eggs In Your Skin

can bed bugs lay their eggs in your skin

Bed bugs cannot just enter your skin without knowing if they try you’ll kill them that is a rational decision on your part but not theirs. So they do not lay their eggs in your or anyone’s skin. This is not the only reason.

The bed bugs are not very good fans of heat. They try to avoid it as much as they can. We, humans, have warm blood and our body emits heat so they keep their distance from us.

But still, the heat is not enough to keep these stubborn species away. They still come at you with the intent to bite and they do so too. So Bed bugs usually lay their eggs in dark places.

They choose areas with dry surroundings that includes your furniture and even your matrices. They choose the areas from where they can easily access your skin to feed on blood. That is handy for them but for us that is a big problem which needs to be solved.

Where To Spot Bed Bugs

where to spot bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny species that are out for blood. It is easy to actually spot their location we already know that they love to take refuge in our furniture like sofas and beds and make it their hiding spot or you can even call it their home.

Bed bugs are not fun to have around as they are quite annoying but we are fun to have around for them as they can get more blood from more humans.

The blood is their natural meal. They are like vampires in case of drinking blood. But instead of turning us into vampires and giving us supernatural abilities, they give us severe swelling.

The tiny bugs can also pack a punch in their bite. The bite of these bugs can cause instant and severe swellings.

Effects Of Bites From Bed Bug

effects of bites from bed bug

The bites of bed bugs can have allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin which can result in red rashes all over the body.

These bugs also carry with them Trypanosoma Cruzi which is actually the name of a ferocious parasite that can cause Chagas disease.

The Chagas disease is secondly or also called American Trypanosomiasis. The symptoms of this disease include having fever, welling around the place of bite and rashes appearing on your skin.

This disease can become serious if you don’t look after it or go see a doctor. They are mostly found in Mexico and different areas of America.

How To Know If You Have Bed Bug Problem

If you want to know that do you the bugs what you can do is be observant and look if there are red small stains on your bed sheet.

The red stains are actually blood spilt by the bed bugs dying due to rubbing. There can also be black spots on your bed which are actually the skin left by the bed bugs with time.

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Your Skin?


Can Bed Bugs Lay Their Eggs In Your Skin. Now we know what the bed bugs are, where do they live, where do they lay eggs, and where are the foundation.

Where to spot them, how to spot them. Next is to get rid of them. We should get rid of them with the help of repellents or even by calling a professional. This is because having them can cause havoc in our house.

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