Can I Shoot A Coyote In My Yard

Can I Shoot A Coyote In My Yard. Over the past few decades, there has been an expansion in the human population and because of this expansion in the human population, humans have come a lot closer to the wildlife as well.

Because of coming a lot closer to wildlife, there have been several cases reported by homeowners that they have some animals invading the personal spaces of their home, such as yards.

Some people have reported invasion of animal-like deers and some people have reported invasion of wild animals like coyotes in their yards.

I have experienced one such experience with a coyote in my yard; it was panic like situation for me to see a wolf-like animal invading my home and at that moment I wanted to open up the fire at the coyote but I wasn’t sure about the laws related to shooting in cities in those days so I wasn’t sure whether to open up fire on coyotes in our yard?

Fortunately, the coyote did just a little harm to my dog in the yard. He could have caused a lot of problems for us.

Tomorrow, this can happen to you as well. In fact, it could be worse than what I went through, therefore you should know some laws pertaining to shooting the coyotes, especially in your yard. In this article, I’ll be discussing some points that you should know related to shooting coyotes in your yard.

Can I Shoot A Coyote In My Yard

can i shoot a coyote in my yard

The first question that comes to your mind when you see a coyote in your yard is “What to do?” and then, “Can I shoot him in my yard to avoid any sort of damage?”.

The answer to the second question depends on where you are, within the city or in a rural area?

Shooting Coyotes Within City

Cities and rural areas have some differences in their laws. If your home is in the city and a coyote gets in the yard of your home, then you cannot shoot at the coyote, because the law doesn’t allow shooting coyote in your yard.

Shooting Coyotes In Rural Areas

Different from the laws of the city, if your home is in a rural area and a coyote gets in your yard, then you can open up fire at him. In rural areas laws allow you to open up fire coyotes if they invade your yard.

Can other laws affect the laws of shooting coyotes in cities?

As per general law you cannot fire bullets to coyotes within the limits of cities , but some laws can affect this law in some states. For example in New York, you can shoot within the limits of city if next home is 500 ft away from your home.

According to another law in New York if you have another home close to your home then you can shoot at coyotes only with the permission of other homeowners.

Why law does not allow to shoot coyotes within cities?

why law does not allow to shoot coyotes within cities

You may not like this law, but it is for the protection of your neighbors. In cities usually, the homes are together in rows, therefore chances of misfiring are more which can cause claiming a life of your poor neighbors.

Reasonable Grounds To Shoot Coyotes

Laws no doubt allow you to shoot coyotes in rural areas but keep in mind that before you shoot coyotes there should be strong and reasonable grounds for shooting them. You just cannot shoot them for your entertainment.

These grounds are as follows.

  • If you see a coyote is attacking your pet like a dog or cat, then you can shoot him.
  • If you see coyotes are harming your crops, then you can shoot to kill them.
  • If you see your family member being harmed by a coyote, then you kill him.
  • If a coyote is attacking you, then you can shoot to kill him.
  • If you see your livestock being harmed by coyotes, then you can kill to shoot them.



If you have a hunting license and a license for your gun then according to some of the states you can enjoy hunting the coyotes throughout the year.

Anytime of the year allowed to shoot

Most of the states have legalized the shooting of coyotes throughout the year, anytime you want if they are causing any sort of trouble for you which could harm you, your family, your pet and livestock, etc.

But this is peculiar for only rural areas not for cities.

Tips For Shooting Running Coyotes


Can I Shoot A Coyote In My Yard. In this article, you have learned how overpopulation has become a problem for many people all over the world because of getting too much close to wildlife.

You have also learned some laws related to shooting coyotes in your yard. As per general laws, if your home is in the city, then you cannot shoot the coyotes, but if your home is in a rural area and coyotes get in your yard, then you can shoot them.

However, some laws can affect the shooting laws in cities in some states. Every state has different laws in this issue, therefore keep yourself updated with the state laws.

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