Can You Flush Paper Towels

Can You Flush Paper Towels. You go to your toilet and the moment you get in you experience the worst ever smell coming from the toilet. An unpleasant smell from the toilet is causing you to go bananas.

You feel like it’s the worst experience you are having and then you in all this moment of extreme frustration trying to figure out the reason for the smell coming from the toilet.

You end up looking at your toilet bowl that is clogged with the paper towels that you used to throw in it. Your anger has now gone up because for all such worst experiences entire blame lies on you, your own comfort.

This write-up is purely being written from the point of view to give awareness about this issue, the issue that has considerably increased since the outbreak of Covid 19.

Can You Flush Paper Towels

can you flush paper towels

Why its bad idea to use paper towel in toilet?

Do you want to be in a situation in which you enter in your toilet and you have to put your hands on your nose through out your time in toilet?

We are sure like everyone you too would not even want to picture yourself to be in such a situation. Using papers means the same that you will smell that unpleasant and worst smell.

What is the effect of throwing paper towels in toilet?

Toilet papers are designed in such a way that they do not break and hence dissolve in toilet. As a result of throwing them in toilet you only add on to your frustration only since it results in clogging up of you toilet plumbing.

People usually assume on their own that since they are paper so they would go down the drain easily, this is absolutely wrong.

Are paper towels at any time finally going to get pass through the drainage?

No, its because as it is already said they are designed in such a manner that they can not go past through the narrow passages of drainage down the toilet.

They are just thick papers then think how can they pass through such narrow spaces? They just keep staying in the plumbing of your toilet and as result, you get a toilet that is clogged up.



Tissues are relatively better than paper towels because they are not as thick as towel papers are and they are poor absorbent of water.

Nevertheless, tissues are not designed in a manner to go break down in the water.

Max they are going to be partially broken down but still its pieces would be somewhere in the plumbing of toilet and as a result there are more brighter chances of getting a blockage in the toilet.

Usage Of Paper Towel Throw Them

One of the best ideas would be to throw them. It’s not rocket science for you to do so and it’s not going to cost you much time, moreover, it would not clog up the toilet and you won’t need to use a lot of water to push it down a little bit.

Make a purchase of a trash bin in which you dispose of the mess you make. Make yourself accustomed to throwing it in that bin and also motivate your other family members to do the same.

Solution To Unclog The Toilet With Toilet Paper Clogs

Usage Of Toilet Auger

usage of toilet auger

Perforating down in the pipelines through the toilet auger is what many people recommend. It’s a precious tool because it can go deep into the clog affected by the pipes.

Make the use handle to thrust the tool, and spin the tool clockwise so that it creates the force that keeps the perforator moving forward. It would indeed stop in between but eventually, it will each down the main clog.

Now all you need to do is to push a bit more hard to disintegrate the obstacle. When you reach down the actual clog then spin the tool anticlockwise to take out and separate the endmost leftovers of waste.

Should I flush that?


Can You Flush Paper Towels. Extract of the above discussion is very much clear to all of our readers and that is that it is not wise of you to use paper towels in the toilet because it would only clog up your toilet pipe and plumbing, also using tissue is not advisable.

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