Can You Shoot A Dog Attacking Your Dog

Can You Shoot A Dog Attacking Your Dog. One evening, it was pleasant weather out here in our side and that’s what motivated me to get some walk down the street with my dog.

I got myself ready and decided to walk with my dog so that both can have a good and fun time because my pet dog is like a dear friend to me.

But when I went to the lawn of my home where my dog was, I noticed another dog was attacking my dog and when I looked at the scene I got into panic-like situation. I had no idea what to do.

I had in mind to shoot the attacking dog before things go nastier for my dog but at that time I was unsure about that, anyhow I found some sticks and acted with it in such a manner that caused the attacking dog some fear that made him runaway luckily.

But dogs always don’t get scared that way so this might raise the question “can I shoot the attacking dog?”.

Tomorrow this can happen with anyone’s dog including your dog then you also probably have this question to ask yourself in such a situation, because scaring them will not always go to reap the beneficial result for you, then what can you do?

In this article, I’ll be discussing in some detail that you can shoot the attacking dog and what to do if you see your dog attacked by another dog.

Can You Shoot A Dog Attacking Your Dog

can you shoot a dog attacking your dog

Domestic animals

Indeed you can shoot the dog who attacks your pets like cats, dogs, goats, etc but you should keep one thing in mind that all of them comes under the classification of “domestic animals”

Are laws same in all the states?

No. every state has their different laws. Dog protection laws vary from state to state.

You can be punished

In some cases, you can also be punished if you do not kill the attacking dog.

In defense of livestock can I shoot the attacking dog?

If you see a dog has attacked your livestock, then don’t need to panic because laws allow you to shoot the attacking dog.

But you should have the proof as well because you would need to furnish the proof to court in order to prove that you shoot the dog while he was attacking your livestock.

What dos and don’ts to be followed when you see your dog being attacked by another dog?

what dos and don'ts to be followed when you see your dog being attacked by another dog

Keep the following dos and don’ts in mind you see another dog attacking your dod

First and foremost point you must keep in mind is that you don’t need to be in state of any panic.

Try your best to avoid making direct eye to eye contact with the dog, otherwise it will probably attack you.

Don’t ever make the silly mistake of removing both dogs from one another because it is likely to harm your dog, especially in process of being beaten by another dog.

If you don’t want to make the situation go worse than it wouldn’t be wise of you to get near to them and start attacking the attacking dog physically.

If you want to make situation calm then first you need to find a stone or any stick around you and with it act in such a manner in front of them it gives scare to another dog that is attacking your down. Majority of dogs looking at stones n stick sense some sort of danger for themselves.

This involves a great amount of risk but you have to take it, all you need to do is to set your dog free from the chains around his neck this will make him runaway and in this way, there are chances he might attack another dog more aggressively which can give the scare the dog to run away.

As soon you remove the leash around your dog, immediately instruct your dog to go away. By doing this, you will prevent more attacks from attacking dog.

In this process, you should not give even a single hint that you are scared, otherwise, it will not go to get your desired result of making him run away.

Seek the help of other people around you, it would be best if you see the owner of another and you seek his help. When he sees a lot of people then there are more chances it would give him enough fear to step back.

Your dog has probably got many internal or external injuries, in both cases, take your dog to most near vet immediately. Don’t be too lazy to take your injured dog to the vet if you want your dog to stay fit.

After taking your dog to the vet, you must report the incident to the owner of the dog that attacked your dog.

After bringing the incident to the notice of the dog owner, then you must be quick in reporting the incident to higher authorities.

Can I Shoot an Attacking Dog?


Can You Shoot A Dog Attacking Your Dog. In this article, you have learned that you can shoot another dog if it attacks your dog and livestock.

You have also learned that all states have their own laws regarding this issue, but generally, you are allowed to attack the dog that attacks your dog and livestock.

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