Dead bed bugs shells

Dead bed bugs shells. Winters have nearly come to an end that will be followed by a short period of spring and a lengthy period of summer. Summer season comes along with their comforts and discomforts.

We are going to have a discussion on one of the discomforts that come along with summer and that is an infestation of bed bugs in your home.

Though bed bugs are not carriers of contagious diseases yet having them in our home is something really annoying. You do want to get rid of their infestation but you don’t even have an idea what how does a bed bug looks like?

In this article, we are going to discuss a few important points about dead bed bugs in order to guide our readers to take some necessary steps to prevent potential bed bugs infestation.

Dead bed bugs shellsdead bed bugs shells 2022

Recent bed bugs treatment

If you just recently had bed bug treatment from professional exterminators for bed bugs then it’s a very good sign.

If you took professional help recently then it is obvious that you will keep finding their bodies in an entire week or even throughout the month because that treatment takes a little longer time.

Finding one dead bug

Most of you people find one dead bug on your bed and you take it for granted while you should be more circumspect and vigilant because bed bugs breed in more speed than the other bugs in their lifetime therefore when you see even one dead bug then there is more likelihood of bed bug infestation which makes the need of help of professional.

Therefore when you see even one dead bed bug anywhere immediately make a call to a professional for its treatment.

Professional help is must

Many people when they find one dead bug try to treat the infestation of their own which doesn’t guarantee the desired result because bed bugs are too small so they can hide in the smallest of the gaps because of their too small size which makes it difficult for laities to treat from natural methods, therefore seeking the help of professional is must in their treatment.

If you see one dead bed bug somewhere in your home then immediately give a call to a professional for treatment.

Look for their signs

If you see one dead bug somewhere on premises of your home then you have to look for their other signs such as reddish-brown droppings and blemishes of ichor and even some bites after a sleep of afternoon or night.

Inspection of furnitureinspection of furniture

If you see even one dead bed bug somewhere in your home then make sure you give a thorough look at the furniture you mostly use like mattresses, sofas, wooden chairs or bed, etc for the signs of bed bugs.

If you find the above signs in any furniture then immediately give a call to professional exterminator for treatment.

Inspect crevices of your home

If you see a dead bed bug in your home and you haven’t taken any professional help as yet or you are sure of infestation of bed bugs then give a thorough inspection to the cracks and narrow opening of your home’s wall and floor because these tiny bed bugs have small enough size to infest even in these small cracks and narrow passages.

If you find the above-mentioned signs of bed bugs then without hesitation give a call to a professional exterminator for their treatment.

Bed bugs or other bugs

More often people confuse bed bugs with other small bugs like carpet beetles, cockroaches, and wooden ticks. Make sure you are not one of them to cause yourself unnecessary stress.

Sleeping and relaxing areas

Bed bugs are mostly found in the sleeping and relaxing areas. Chances are that while you were sleeping on a bed or relaxing on a sofa or chairs you did become their prey but you confused their bites with the bites of mosquitoes.


Dead bed bugs shells. From this article you have learned that it’s alarming for you to see even one dead bed bug somewhere in your home, you also learned that bed bugs infestation cannot be treated by laities, it can only be treated by professionals exterminators.

You also know that bed bugs are mostly confused with other bugs such as wooden ticks and carpet beetles etc.

You have also learned that you might have been victim while relaxing on a sofa or sleeping on a bed but you confused their bite with a bite of a mosquito.


What does it mean if you find bed bug shells?

It means they are growing at rapid speed, the further infestation is on its way.

Can you sleep on a bed with bed bugs?

Yes, you can indeed but only after treatment from a professional exterminator, mostly after 4 to 5 hours after the treatment.

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