Does Bleach Repel Mice

Does Bleach Repel Mice. Few days back someone I was expressing the problem of having mice in my home with one of my close friend and after listening to my this concern he asked me to use the bleach as repellant to retreat the mice from your home.

I listened this for the first time so naturally it was impossible for me to believe it fully. However to be fully sure about it I did tried myself with bleach experiment to repel the mice and guess what? It did work effectively.

I am sure many people like me find it hard to believe but now even I believe that bleach is one of the best repellents that repels mice from your home.

Many of you might have tried this out but it was not useful to you. Therefore this article is being written from the point of view to guide all of your who are reading this that how to make use of bleach in order to repel mice from your home.

Does Bleach Repel Mice

does bleach repel mice

Bleach by which you clean floor of your home is also one of the effective repellent to retreat the mice from your home.

All you need to is to you pour in the bleach in the area where you think mice is dwelling.

So that it can repel the mice because like humans find themselves uncomfortable even by smelling bleach, the smell of bleach also don’t go well with the mice.

Smell Coming From Bleach

smell coming from bleach

You all know the nature of smell that comes from a freshly cleaned kitchen, smell of chlorines come from it.

That is why you must not have seen the pest like mice near such cleaned places.

Effective Trap Of Mice

One of the effective traps for mice is to place a piece of tasty cheese in front of their holes that they will be attracted toward but the moment they smell the chlorine from it they will pull themselves back from it.

How to use bleach to repel the mice?

Using bleach is not too easy, it needs lot of attention and some braining to set a trap for them to attract to the smell or to totally keep them away from the area.

Cheese Trap

cheese trap

As it is already said above that like humans mice also loathe the stench of bleach because it contains chlorine in it so it would not be easy to get the mice come toward it.

However you can put a piece of cheese in front of their spots, cheese with some drops of bleach on it so they mice not only run toward it but also eat it and as result gets killed.

Peanut Butter trap

Similar to the above trick, replace peanut butter with cheese. Take a mixture of couple of spoon of bleach and a couple of spoon of peanut butter and place it before the hidings of mice.

By doing so you would hoodwink the mice to keep eating bleach and as result it would eventually die.



You must have smell the scent of chlorine from the freshly cleaned floors of kitchen and other rooms of your home.

This chlorine was in the bleach from which tiles floor was cleaned. This smell exactly is repelling force for the mice.

Precautions To Use Bleach To Repel Mice

Following two precautions would be useful in using bleach to repel the mice.

  • A clean environment is very important. The spot where they are needs to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Food should be kept safe.


Can bleach repel mice?

Yes it does, chemical in the bleach can affect bleach in many ways then why not it can be use as repellant for mice?

Does bleach keep rats away?


Does Bleach Repel Mice. From the above discussion you have idea whether why rats are repelled by bleach, its because it contains bleach in it , that is also harmful for the humans.

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