Does Windex Kill Spiders

Does Windex Kill Spiders. I was having conversation with my friend in the office and in during our conversation I expressed my concern about having spiders in my home, to which he replied “Use windex to get them killed”, my initial thought on that was that he might be joking because how come a cleaner that cleans hard surfaces can be in use of killing pest like a spider?

But he said he was serious, and even said that it did work for him and many people he know. I was still shocked and then when I researched on my own for my certainty on this then I was surprised that he was right.

Its true that nowadays people want to save more and more money for themselves and that’s what motivating them to find more easy and time and money saving ways to get rid of the pests from their homes.

Over the last couple of years people had more issues with having spiders in their home , on their ceilings so they are looking up for easy way to kill spiders on their home ceilings.

Lately there was more questions related to windex as alternative to kill spiders? People were questioning this because they want maximum utility out of this hard surface cleaner in order to save some extra bucks and time.

In this article I will be discussing that what happens when your spray windex directly on the spider and why?

Does Windex Kill Spiders

does windex kill spiders

Off late spiders have been giving lot of headache to people by creating their cobwebs in more visible spaces in your home, you want to get rid of them and for like most people you just want to do get rid of them on your own.

Now the question arises is windex potent enough to kill spiders? Answer is yes but how?

Spray It Directly

Most of the people got to know about the potency of a product by chances that it has got the potential to kill the pest just after giving a try over them.

Windex is definitely one of that product that was tried by most people on many pests such as cockroaches, ants of all types and spiders, etc.

But when it comes to spraying it on the spider it should be well observed that it is sprayed directly on the spider to kill it, there should be no barrier in between the liquid of the spray and the spider, it should be direct to get the best result out of it.

Be Careful

be careful

Another point you should be well observant of is that since the spiders are mostly found in the topmost corners of your room.

Therefore you should be a little careful while spraying Windex on them, it would be better if you do this work with goggles for safety and also gloves on your hand.

Reactions Of Windex On Spiders

Now when you know the effectiveness of windex on spiders then there must be some curiosity in you as well to know that weather how come a surface cleaner can have enough potency to kill these nasty bugs.

When you spray it directly on the spider first it will disable it ability move and then on next stage it would cause the spider dehydration which would eventually become a cause of its death. Spider would die within a few minutes of this process.

Two Important Ingredients

Two very important ingredients in the cleaner cannot be ignored in this result, and they are as follow

  • Ammonium hydroxide
  • Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate

The synergy of the above mentioned important ingredients in the cleaner becomes a cause to stop up lungs which cause them suffocate to die.

These effects are also for the other pests in your home but obviously you will need more amount of windex if you are dealing with their infestation.

How to apply Windex?

apply windex

Keep in mind since this product is not designed for killing spiders originally therefore there would be no instructions on its bottle, still, you do not need to be worried because it’s too simple to use for spiders.

Just spray on the spiders directly to kill them within a few minutes.


How fast does Windex kill the spiders?

Once you spray Windex directly on spiders it would take 2 to 3 minutes to kill them.

Can I spray a spider with windex?

You can spray windex on them directly, it would kill them within few minutes.


Does Windex Kill Spiders. In this article you have learned that spraying windex can get you rid of spiders.

You also got to learn that what reactions does it have on spider that results in the killing of spiders within a few minutes of spraying windex on them.

All you need to do is to spray it directly on the spiders and you are done killing spiders.

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