Dog Repellent For Yard

Dog Repellent For Yard. As a homeowner with a lawn or garden it must be annoying experience for you to see your own dog is harming the plants of the garden. If you have garden then it definitely means you have love for the garden because you do appreciate the aesthetic.

Having garden in your home is definitely makes your home look beautiful. Its not only beautiful but simultaneously also good for your physical and mental health.

But how about if your own pet dog is after the plants of this garden?  Your dog develops habit of eating the planted plants and the grass of your lawn.  You would definitely not like it because garden in mess would not be pleasing to your eyes.

Moreover, it would have a negative impression on your guests who would sit there with you. Neither you are willing to sell or give your dog for free to someone. Then what are you going to do?

This article is being written with a point of view to guide all of you on some natural or homemade repellents and commercial repellents so that you don’t feel any sort of disturbance when you see your dog eating plants of your garden.

Dog Repellent For Yard

dog repellent for yard

Commercial repellents

Commercial repellents of dogs are in two forms

Powdered form repellent

Repellents of dogs in powdered form are very much effective if you are looking to make a certain limit of boundary in the garden.

The powdered form of repellents have same ingredients and they work same way as liquid form do.

Liquid form repellent

Liquid form repellent have same ingredients and work same way as powdered form repellent. If you are up to target specific plants in your garden then it is best you make use of liquid form repellent of dog.

Where to dog repellent?

Having your own dog destroying the beauty of your home’s garden, garden on which you have worked a lot day and night is very disheartening for you, you want to make your dog move away from it but you have no idea from where the dog repellent is available?

You can find chemical dog repellent as widely available in market, you can get them in stores where pets are kept and in the pharmacy of pet. Also, you can make online transaction of dog repellents on any online store.

How to apply dog repellents

It is of utmost importance that first you know that what form of repellent you want to have either in powder form or in liquid form.

Second point you must keep in mind is to read the instructions written by manufacturer on the package of repellant.

Most people ignore reading instructions written on repellents and hence do not get proper results so you better read the instructions first.

If you want to apply the liquid-repellent then you must use this in dry weather when it is too hot there in your city, temperature of 40 is must and keep applying this repellent throughout the year.

Slow Results

slow results

These chemical repellents have slow effects so don’t be disappointed to see zero effects on first application of repellent.

Most people do get disappointed on first application of repellent because they just want quick results so they stop applying it again and again.

While these repellents give results but slowly, it needs a number of encounters so please don’t lose your hope if it doesn’t give results straightaway.

Natural Methods

Some of the most common homemade natural repellents of dogs are.

  • Oil of almond

oil of almond

Many people are unaware of the fact that oil extracted from almond is one of the effective repellent of dogs.

All you need to do is to spray the almond oil in all over the garden and also on the plants so that it smells serves as repellent for your dog.

  • Ammonia and Vinegar

ammonia and vinegar

Vinegar and ammonia are almost in every household, you also must be having both of them in your home.

Just get them mix together properly and spray their mixture all over your garden, because their smell serves as repellent for dogs.


What scent will keep dog out of your yard?

Scent of vinegar and ammonia will keep dogs away from your yard.

Will spraying vinegar keep dog away?

Yes spraying mixture of ammonia and vinegar will keep dog away from your garden.

How to make a home dog repellent?


Dog Repellent For Yard. In this article you have learned the types of chemical dog repellents and how to apply them. You have also learned from where you get chemical repellents from.

You know these repellents give results slowly but they do for sure. You also know a couple of natural repellents that are mostly present in every home.

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