Homemade possum poison

Homemade possum poison. Possums are considered by many to be one of the most destructive animals, causing significant damage to fruit trees and other plants.

Possums are also infamous for the damage they cause to roofs, soffits, and gutters, and indoor damage can include tearing through insulation and carpets.

Possums are also known to transmit several diseases to humans and pets. If you have an unwanted possum problem, we hope this post about using possum poison for a DIY possum trap will be helpful to you.

Homemade possum poison

homemade possum poison

A possum is a very destructive animal that can wreak havoc on your garden. If you want to get rid of them, you can make your own possum poison and use it to kill them.

First, you need to gather some ingredients like asparagus, hot peppers, and fish. Then, you have to cook them all up together and spray the mixture on all the trees and bushes where the possums live.

When they smell the poisonous mixture, they will come over to eat it and they will die.

The Molasses Solution

To get rid of possums, mix one quart of hot water and two cups of molasses in a container. Add one teaspoon to every six gallons of water for your garden hose sprayer.

Add 1-ounce of liquid dishwashing soap per 1,000 square feet and spray on plants with it. You can also add enough soap to turn it into a gel and paint it onto stems and leaves, which will be sticky enough to discourage the little mammals.

Hot Stuff

Poisoned mixtures have also been known to repel possums. It’s not their favorite texture and they prefer to avoid your garden area. A spray of water mixed with garlic bits keeps possums away from a garden.

Making your own repellent can also be achieved with hot peppers or hot sauce, the spicier the better, mixed with water and dish soap. Also, you can use some dish soap and mustard diluted in water to repel unwanted guests.

The Mothballs Method

the mothballs method

Getting possums to leave is possible with the help of deterrents, many of which are available at hardware and home improvement stores.

Mothballs heavily scent their urine, which they eliminate in order to mark their territory with smell as well as sight, placing berries and citrus fruit around your property also discourages them from staying in close proximity.

A Sprinkler Method

Resistant water’s infamous possums are a result of technology. Taking advantage of their nocturnal nature, possums hide during the day.

It has a motion-activated sprinkler that showers water on possums when it detects motion. It is possible that motion-activated sprinklers may work well at first, but as the possums get used to them, they are less effective over time since they become used to the sudden showers resulting from their regular movements.

Kill Traps

kill traps

They are a common type of foothold trap that is used to catch pest animals like possums and rats. They are very cheap and easy to use but they are rarely used.

If one wants these animals in your garden then you must use such setup traps attached to trees, rooftops, or boundaries so that they can get trapped without getting injured meanwhile.

Using Spice

using spice

One of the most effective ways to keep possums off your door-step or out of your home is setting up some traps, but this requires a certain degree of expertise.

To avoid these problems, one can put some fennel seeds, chili powder, and some mint leaves which they cannot resist.

The house must have cracks so that they can run away from strong smells like that of tobacco spread at various places in the house.

Simply combine one part of Quassia chips with eight parts water, add a little detergent, and spray. It’s easy as pie.


Is vinegar effective against possums?

You can get rid of these pesky and occasionally aggressive pests by sprinkling a vinegar-soaked cloth around your property.

You can also buy fox urine for the same effect if you have trouble with larger than normal possum infestations.

What scents deter possums?

Opossums are usually scared away with the smell of garlic, onions, hot peppers, or other deterrents found in your kitchen pantry.

You can use this to your advantage by placing these scents around areas frequented by opossums like under your home or in a garden shed.

Best homemade remedies for possums control


Homemade possum poison. There are many types of possums that can be found in many areas in the United States. In some areas, these animals are considered to be a pest because they are known to destroy gardens, property, and even the insulation of houses.

If you are having a problem with possums you may find that you will have to get rid of them before they get rid of you. I hope this article will show you how to make a homemade poison.

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