How do fleas drown in water

How do fleas drown in water. Flees are insects, so they belong to the realm of the kingdom “Animalia”. Like all the other insects, they are compromised of three body parts.

Flees are a type of parasite. These parasites munch upon the blood of prey. The prey can be both human and animal. But the fleas mostly prey upon pet animals like cats and dogs.

They become quite a problem when they get attached to pets, especially the cats. That I shall elaborate later in the article. Back to the point. flees are a big hindrance and are able to inflict a lot of damage.

How do fleas drown in water

how do fleas drown in water

Fleas actually don’t drown in water just like you are thinking. Fleas, just like mosquitos and flies are able to float on water.

The tension in normal water empowers the fleas to float on the surface of water quite easily.

So keep it in your mind if you are trying to drown the fleas in normal water then you are not doing a very smart thing.

The fleas will jump at you because they have not drowned and were floating on the surface of the water.

Time it takes for fleas to drown

time it takes for fleas to drown

This is the reason why we should not try to drown them. Though it is quite possible to drown fleas it will take at the very least time of about 24  long hours.

I  mean, that is very stupid, right?  And the time I mentioned is the minimum time some fleas might take even more time to drown than others.

This entirely depends upon the amount of tension in the water. The lesser the tension, the more the chance that the fleas will drown.

Way to actually drown the fleas

As I mentioned that it is not impossible to drown fleas. The minimum time required is 24 hours and it is a very long time. I mean if you are trying to drown the fleas on your pet. let’s take a dog as an example.

You put your dog in the water. Your dog will drown in a couple of minutes but flees in hours. So don’t kill your dog just trying to et flees it.

Now back to how to actually drown them faster. If you make a solution of water and soul or mix them together.

Using soap to drown the fleas in water

using soap to drown the fleas in water

The soup will reduce the amount of tension in the water and fleas float due to the tension.

The decrease in the amount of tension will be a disadvantage to the fleas making them drown at a much faster speed than before maybe even half of the time. Still, I do not recommend it.

Method for eliminating the fleas without drowning them

Some other methods to get rid of fleas without the use of water are as follows:

  • Using Comb to take the fleas out of hair

using comb to take the fleas out of hair

If it is your pet that has a flea problem don’t fear it but still be efficient to take action as they are hurting the pet.

Just like you comb your hair in a lice problem use that special lice comb or a comb for fleas with narrow openings to get the fleas off your pet.

Regularly doing it will not let the fleas stay on your pet and they will probably move away.

  • Using special shampoo products

using special shampoo products

Next is the use of special shampoos. There are a lot of shampoos to get rid of fleas. Their formula is specially designed for this specific purpose.

Just wash your pet on daily basis with this shampoo or soup and you’ll see an astonishing result in a very short period of time.

Washing the beddings where your pet sleeps is also an effective and easy method.

How to Get Rid of Fleas?


How do fleas drown in water. We can make a result and say that fleas are a very troublesome specie. They are trouble makers for both humans and animals.

The best thing to do about them is to get rid of them immediately. The methods I listed I hope are to your liking. And please don’t actually try to drown the fleas. It’ll only cause the death of your pet.

The fleas will literally flee. So that’s about it. Just be a bit mindful about what you do and what may happen if I do that? I repeat don’t do anything rash or stupid.

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