How Does A Toilet Fill Valve Work

How Does A Toilet Fill Valve Work. We have seen three groups of people in our interactions so far. Majority of people do not take the mechanism of toilet seriously.

On the other hand there are many people who for sake of learning do want to familiarize themselves with the mechanism of toilet not because they want to seek the profession of plumbing.

Its just for their own good called to be self-sufficient and the third group of people are those who master the plumbing system of toilet to make a living out of it.

In this writeup we are going to guide you on one of the important mechanism of the toilet which Is called fill valve.

How Does A Toilet Fill Valve Work

how does a toilet fill valve work

Why is it best to now how fill valve works?

Although it is not necessary for you to know the working of toilet fill valve and other toilet’s mechanism because there you have many people who have mastered themselves in the plumbing work ,still it is best for you to know about the mechanism of fill valve and other toilet mechanism on following grounds.

Unavoidable situations

Sometimes in your life you find yourself in such a situation that you have to do many things on your own for the first time, therefore its best for you to know a little bit working of toilet fill valve and other mechanism of toilet.

Self-sufficiency is desired

Human by nature enjoys self-sufficiency and averse depending on fellow human. When we do our work on our own it makes us feel very awesome therefore when you don’t know the basics of toilet’s mechanism then you would not be able to fix the issues related to your toilet.

The extract of two above mentioned reason is simple. To make it more easier for you to understand we suggest you to picture yourself in any unavoidable situation like you are having running toilet issue or slow flushing issue but you have nearly no access to professional plumber because either they are too far from your town or for any other unseen reason then what you are going to do?

Suppose you are sleeping half way through the night and suddenly you start listening the water running down from your toilet flush then what you are going to do in such situation?

Wait for morning so you can call to plumber and let the bathroom be flooded by the water causing it to be wasted and further cause a push up on your water bill? We hope its clear to you now that why it is best for you to know little bit basics of your toilet.

What exactly fill valve is?

Most of the people are not going to take you seriously if you ask them about fill valve while some would give a wrong answer. Fill valve is a composite structure that is in the left most side of the tank, its like a heart of a tank.

Its sole purpose is to fill the tank with water after each time you pull down the level to flush. It would be very easy for you to locate it because of its height.

In out modeled toilet you would not see the technology of fill valve. Fill valve has everything that we need it today to make flushing smooth with not much noise that contributes to the environmental pollution.

If there was no fill valve today then today we’d probably be throwing tubs of water in the bowl to flush our waste down the drain.

How fill valve of toilet works?

Fill valve of toilet is like heart of toilet tank, if you take it out of the tank then your tank would certainly become lifeless, it would render your tank useless. Its function is to fill up the water tank above the bowl after each flush.

Fill valve does not perform this all alone. It has some other components too attached with it that help it achieve it purpose such as float arm and washer etc.

Whenever you pull the flush it would result in moving of float arm to downward position causing the fill valve to be opened which allows the water to pass through it to the tank.

The moment tank get filled float arm comes to it actual upward position and as result of this fill valves becomes closed.

So we can say its main function is to go up and downward to make sure the release of water into bowl from tank after each tank but at the same time we cannot ignore its importance in refilling the tank after each flush.

We can also not ignore the importance of float arm that helps the fill valve in filling the water in tank.

Necessary adjustments

necessary adjustments

Fill valve doesn’t work alone rather it works in unity float arm or toilet float that manages the level of water in the water reservoir.

As result of improper adjustment of fill valve the level of water in the tank can either be too low or two high.

Maximum limit of water in the reservoir should not be 1 inch below the overflow tube.

If the water level in the water is too low then your toilet would be having poor and slow flushing problem.

In case if the water level in reservoir is too high then it would result in running toilet problem, therefore your fill valve needs to be adjusted with the help of screwdriver.

Lest you are having a float ball then you will see a screw in between the float arm and fill valve. To decrease the height of water in reservoir you have to spin the screw clockwise and to increase the height of water in reservoir you have to spin it counterclockwise.


How do I know if my toilet fill valve is bad?

If your toilet is making hissing sound after flushing or it is constantly running then be sure that your fill work is bad.

How toilet fill valve work?


How Does A Toilet Fill Valve Work. From the above discussion it has become clear to you that why is it important you to know the basics related to plumbing, it can help you in times of needs and moreover human loves doing his own stuff of his own.

After reading this entire writeup you can make adjustments in your fill valve to avoid dependence on professional.

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