How Fast Does English ivy Grow

How Fast Does English ivy Grow. English ivy has become an especially prominent houseplant because of its propensity to grow effectively in hanging pots or as a wall climber, English ivy has become an especially apparent houseplant.

It’s also regarded as one of the most excellent air cleaning houseplants for the house. So, if you’ve recently acquired a new English Ivy plant, you’re surely wondering how long it takes to grow.

How Fast Does English ivy Grow

how fast does english ivy grow

English ivy cultivated indoors can reach a height of 9 feet each year, and it will also take at least two years before you see any substantial development.

Try to maintain it, make suitable changes before planting to encourage faster development, and apply fertilizers to promote more rapid growth.

Growth Stages

Ivy contains two processes of growth. The juvenile state is the one most gardeners are familiar with: dark, shiny, evergreen leaves with three to five points on stiff, woody, climbing stalks.

The leaves can grow up to 4 inches in length at this point, and the plant does not blossom or produce fruit. 

Numerous elements can affect English Ivy’s growth rate, a rapidly growing plant. The period is significantly different, with the plant’s leaves becoming larger and lobeless.

In addition, it has whitish-green flowers in the spring and small, bluish-black fruits in the fall. 

On the other hand, English Ivy develops slowly within the first year of planting. However, by the second year, the growth rate has increased dramatically, and by the third year, it can attain growing rates of up to 9 feet annually.

Growing Conditions

The environment under which a plant grows has the most significant effect on its growth rate and general health. If you try to create the best growing environment for your English Ivy, you will provide it with all the necessary nutrients for rapid growth.

English ivy prefers a lengthy blossoming season, especially in the spring and summer. That plant does not fare well in harsh winters; growth will be severely hampered.

On the other hand, growing the plant inside avoids this predicament and allows for the year growth stimulation.

  • Watering: Maintain the soil moist when the plant is developing. Let the soil dry completely when it has become more established before showering it again.
  • Potting Soil: A good soil with some organic materials (compost), such as this one on Amazon, is necessary to help its growth and prevent root rot.
  • Light: Partial to complete shade will encourage the most development.
  • Temperature: It can live in practically any temperature, although maintaining it between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius is optimal.

Fast Growth

Based on the growth conditions, ivy grows slowly to swiftly. Ivy thrives and grows swiftly in the ground that is fertile, wet, well-drained, and in moderately to full shade.

Although that survives in places in cold weather, it prefers an extended growing season in areas with mild winters. This can attain foot-high mounding heights in some areas.

In a single year, the ivy can grow many feet in length and width.


Because ivy overgrows, it is frequently utilized as an attractive groundcover in gardens. It was overflowing with the following stalks when grown in pots.

It could also be used to wrap a bare wall in a house or shed. Build trellises many feet apart from buildings to avoid roots embedded in a house’s side.

Furthermore, if your home has a brick wall, ivy roots can get a footing in any minor fractures in the mortar, widening the fissures and causing the mortar to disintegrate.

How Fast Does English Ivy Grow On A Fence?

Ivy plants will need approximately three months for such Ivy to establish itself on your fence; once this occurs, the rate of growth will drastically improve.

Your ivy may rise up to 9 feet every year, as well as the leaves can expand up to three feet, so ivy plants will coat your wall sooner than expected.


Ivy plants give glamorous look to one’s yard. the smell and its looks refreshed your mind throughout this we have discussed everything about ivy grow.

What is the growth rate of English ivy?

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