How Long Can Fleas Live In An Empty House

How Long Can Fleas Live In An Empty House. You go to your home that you once rented to someone, that home at the moment is empty. Either you want to give it to someone else for rent or you want to sale it to someone so that you can invest the amount you received from making sale of home.

But there you see some trails of small insects there and after following them in a stealth manner you learn that they are in good numbers in your home. You closely look at them and found out that they are insects called fleas in your home.

These small insects come inside the premises of the home through animals such as rodent, dog and cats etc. In most cases they come through pets such dogs and cats, they latch on their fur and attached themselves with them.

This definitely means your previous tenants had a pet with them, and through that pet they jumped out on the floor.

After seeing these insects this question can come into your mind that for how long these insects going to survive? You want to know about it because that would help you in making some necessary decisions related to renting of your home or making sale of your home.

If you want to rent it out quickly then you would definitely want to get rid of them by seeking help professional exterminator or maybe you would wait for them to die after knowing that how long they can live without their prey in house because it saves you some money.

Below I will be discussing with you about the stages of fleas because knowing them is must and then I will be discussing how long each of them live without host in house.

How Long Can Fleas Live In An Empty House

how long can fleas live in an empty house

Development stages of fleas

Like all species on earth including humans fleas have also their development stages which are in total four.

Four of these development phases are being discussed below.


This is the first stage of fleas. You will see them mostly around wherever their preys are in a sleep state.

Their preys are pets like dogs and cats. In this stage it usually last up to 2 weeks.



In this second development phase of fleas they have no legs but still they manage to feed on their hosts. The period in between their larvae and pupal stage is somewhere around 5 to 15 days.


This is the third stage of fleas in which they will enter into their cocoon. In this development stage of fleas they can survive many months before they go on to become adult fleas.

Adult flea

This is the fourth and last development phase of fleas in which they have their legs to move around more freely and comfortably and they can live on their host for many years.

How long flee can live without host?

First question is that can flea live without a host? Definitely they can. How long? It depends on which development stage they are when you see them. Lets discuss each stage that how long they can survive in a empty house.

  • Eggs


Fleas are more friendly to hotter and humidity in their environment, the more hot and humid environment it will be in more speed of hatching.

A dry and cold environment does not go well with hence it kills them and prevent their act of hatching.

  • Larvae

In larval stage they do not have legs, if given friendly environment to them for growth then they will grow to next stage very quickly.

In this stage fleas do not feed on their prey like dogs and cats, rather they rely feeding on the wastes of their adult fleas so they can survive without the host as long as they have waste of their adult fleas around them.

  • Pupal

In this third stage of fleas they are inactive in their cocoons, however it still poses some sort of problem for them. In this state of dormancy pupal can live 4 to 5 months without any host near it.

  • Adult


Whenever there is discussion going on infestation of insects called fleas in empty houses with no host in it one can think that since it is grown-up stage of fleas then it might have the potential to live without a host for many months or up to a year.

Which is not true because they are over-dependent on food source to survive so maximum they can survive 3 to 4 days without any host near them.

Out of male and female fleas its female fleas who die quicker than the male one, she dies within 12 hours with no host around.

Adult fleas who are in their youth stage are likely to live for longer period of time because of their not too much dependence on source of blood.


Will flea die if left alone?

Flea have different development stages, and in each stage, they have different survival strength to survive with no host, so they die.

How Long Do Fleas Live?


How Long Can Fleas Live In An Empty House. In this article, you have learned that fleas can live without a host for many days.

You have learned that they have 4 development stages and in each different stage, they have different survival strengths to survive without any host near them.

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