How long do bed bugs live without a host

Bed bugs are small insects that are like ants and other insects, their bodies inside are empty. Bed bugs are the living things that live on the blood they feed, they usually feed at night. Their bites affect thoroughly on our skin and life.

It starts from a small area of redness and can be spread to prominent blisters. They have reddish-brown parasitic bodies and they bite on the exposed skin of humans.

They are most easily identified by their reddish brown marks/ spots on the clothes, sheets, walls, floor, roof, and other places where they can stay.

About one-quarter inch in size, the insects are reddish-brown in color. These insects can often live in beds, other furniture, and cabinets, etc. Their bites are itchy not too dangerous for human health.

How long do the bed bugs live without hosthow long do the bed bugs live without host

If there is no host in the house for the food of bed bugs, then a young bud beg can die in just several weeks. But an adult can live four to five months depending on the environment and the furniture, heat each and everything. They completely depend on the human blood meal when they can’t access it they obviously die.

They need freshness supplied by their blood they survive, once it’s utilized they got dry and died soon. Another thing is temperature the bed bugs can’t live more than 20 days if the temperature is less than 20 to 25 degree.

If the house has that temperature for a long time it hurts the bugs, if the temperature is 30 degrees it means it can still survive.

Suitable temperature for the bed bugs

Bed bugs grow in the warm temperature, not in cold, these insects are mainly grown in these areas where the climate is warmer. the warmer climate is very helpful for them. In other cold or middle areas, they can’t grow quickly but in warmer areas, they grow quickly as per day.

If there is a normal cold they can be surviving but if the temperature reaches a high, then it results to the death of bed bugs.

Researches show that when the temperature reaches 0°farenheit the bed bugs can’t proceed much they die in just three to four days; they can’t survive more because this temperature is not bearable for them.

The conditions that effects the survivability of the bed bugs

There are many conditions that affect the survivability of the bed bugs, some are where they stay, with nothing to feed. Another thing is the temperature that gets cold and they can’t survive more in that area.

Their temperature does not remain the same because they travel from one place to the other in search of food. Sometimes where they stayed there is no other home when they go in search of food they can’t come back due to the problems that occurred while reaching the destination.

The survivability of the bed bugs is mostly two to three months, they can’t survive more than it and it is research. Another thing is their development stages sometimes they can’t reach the last stage they die before it.

The lack in the amount of blood is also a reason that affects the survivability of bed bugs.

Bed bugs bite only at night

As bed bug is a misconception, there is the theory of the person is that:

According to Kells, pet bugs and suitcase bugs, as well as train bugs and movie theatre bugs, are also called pet bugs.

They not only live around the beds but they live in the living areas like kitchen, dining, lounge, lawn, and many places at home, but they don’t feed any time they bite only at night.

When humans sleep at night there somebody parts not covered and it’s the best way and time to bite and feed for the bed bugs.

Can bed bugs eat anything other than blood?

Answer of this question is NO!!!

Because they can’t eat anything except blood, the ALLAH ALMIGHTY created it in that way its body, the mouth is specially designed to ingest the processing the blood for its growth.

Blood is the only thing that is used for sustenance. Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t typical places to find bugs because there isn’t anything to eat in those rooms.

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