How Long Do Spiders Live In A House

How Long Do Spiders Live In A House. One day while I was sitting with my family in the bedroom, I noticed the movement of a spider in the right topmost corner of the room. Looking at the movement of the spider made me angry. I feel like what this creepy spider is doing in our room.

My mind started giving me various solutions such as using pesticides on them, flushing them in the toilet, or using vinegar and water solution over them. Then I asked myself why should I be getting rid of these spiders because they don’t have a long life to live.

After a couple of years, I noticed a good number of spiders in my home because I always took their presence in my home as insignificant. I kept on taking their presence lightly and now they are in good numbers in my home. They are a bigger headache for me now.

I was wrong not to take their presence in my home seriously. I regretted my nonseriousness not to take the necessary steps to get rid of spiders immediately. However, I got rid of them but it wasn’t easy for me to deal with their infestation.

Since I have gone through such an experience, I understand how tough things can get therefore I would not want others to go through this experience as well.

Therefore I took some time out to do some research on the subject that what is the life of spiders in the house so that I can write an entire article for all of you to be informed that how long spiders can live in your house, to know how serious it would be if you keep taking even one of them lightly in your home.

How Long Do Spiders Live In A House

how long do spiders live in a house

Spiders that you see be them of any species, be it a spider that is jumping or a tarantula, they all have the same general circle of life. They have total 3 stages of their development and they are written below

  • Egg
  • Spiderling
  • Adult spiders

The male spider is just meant to mate with the female spider and then they cease to live.

Female spiders, in an expression of love for their spiderlings, keep her eggs in a silk-made sac in order to protect their young spiderlings from external threats.

The size of the sac varies from one species of spider to another.

The majority of the house spiders keep the sac of their eggs with them while a few of their species keep the sac in a safe place and just leave it without looking back. In other words, we can say different species of spiders have different ways to express love for their spiderlings.

Lifespan Of House Spiders

lifespan of house spiders

Naturally, house spiders prefer a lifestyle of living alone. You won’t see them going aggressive generally.

They can easily survive for many days if they have got nothing to eat. More importantly, they have no issue in waiting for their share of food.

Now you have ample knowledge of their lifestyle so the question is how long they can live in the house?

Below we will be discussing a little bit detail of 3 house spiders and their average lifespan.

Barn Funnel Weaver

Barn Funnel Weaver or domestic house spider whatever you say both of them are the names of same species of home spiders. There native is Europe, but they got spread in many parts of the world through the help of travelers on boats and merchandizers.

They are too small in size, hence they are hard to notice. If they do not have any sort of trouble in your house then on average they can live 5 to 7 years easily in your house.

Black Widow

black widow

Black widow are commonly seen in Texas and Arizona. They are notorious for being full of venom but the truth is that the number of a black widow is not too dangerous.

They can easily coexist with humans since they are pretty much satisfied by not coming into contact with them.

This species of spider make their web mostly in the darker places of your home, so probably they can be down in the basement or in the attic of your home.

It’s understandable for everyone that they remain unnoticed commonly because of their too-small size, especially the male black widow is smaller than the female one. If left untroubled this species of house spider can on average live up to 2 years.

Wolf Spiders

wolf spiders

Since we find this species of house spiders all over the world, in every continent and even in some islands this is considered the most common species of house spider.

They have a wide variety in their own species and sometimes even the professionals have been in difficulty differentiating between them because all of them have almost the same traits.

Its location helps in their identification. Male wolf spiders live for less than a year and female wolf spiders can live just a little longer than wolf spiders.

How long do spiders live in your house?


How Long Do Spiders Live In A House. In this article, you learned that even if you see one spider in your home then you should be proactive to get rid of it because in a future number of these spiders can considerably grow.

Many of them can survive in your home for 2 years and some even live for 5 to 7 years, and if you let them move around your home freely then after 2 or 7 years of time your home can be infested by spiders.

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