How often do bed bugs feed

How often do bed bugs feed. Bed bugs are supposedly tiny little bugs. They are included in the kingdom Animalia and while their genus being Cimex.

The most massive size of bed bugs is the size of a small seed of an apple.  Their structure is of an oval shape and their skin tone is reddish-brown. They have an Uber gross smell. It takes at least the time of seven weeks for the bedbugs to completely develop into an adult.

If you spot more than one adult bed bugs that would mean the time of seven weeks or much more has passed from the invasion of the vicious bugs on the premises of your house.

You should be keen t detect any changes in tour surrounding area especially when it comes to your house.

How often do bed bugs feed

how often do bed bugs feed

Bed bugs usually don’t feed every day. They mostly eat in a 5 to 10-day gap. These bugs go on living without feeding even once for a whole long year.

Still, Bed bugs can feed almost every day but they can only feed once a day.

If the bed feeds more than once a day their stomach will probably burst open as their storage capacity is not much. They mostly feed once a week.

When do bed bugs eat most

Let’s talk and discuss it a bit more. Before the bed bugs shack their skin off of them or in simple form previous to bed bugs, molt.

They have a good meal from where they feed. That meal is necessary for them to grow or rather develop themselves into the next step of becoming adults.

How much bed bugs are able to eat

Bed bugs s they can live a long time without the intake of food and can live up to even a  month without food but mainly it depends on the type and age of bed bugs. On basis of type, they are divided in two types.

Cimex lectularius eating

cimex lectularius eating

This type of bed is the type that lives in houses. They are what we call our normal or average bed bugs. They can be commonly seen in our houses.

They have the ability to love without food without 36 days days on average but they feed once a day or week on humans.

Cimex Hemipterus eating

The 2nd and the last type of bed of bed bugs is Cimex hemipterus.

This type of bed bug usually resides in tropical areas. These types of bed bugs can live up to 400 days without any type of food.

Problems that arise with bed bugs feeding on you

problems that arise with bed bugs feeding on you

The problems that arise with bed bugs are not minor. They can create a living hell and cause havoc in places that were not even in your mind.

The bed bugs strive to survive, so they choose places like your furniture to be their safe spot. The furniture also includes your bed, thus being the reason for the term “Bed bugs”.

Bedbugs feeding during reproduction

Bed bugs reproduce very fast so their number can skyrocket. The more the merrier they will feel, so you think, but bed but are greedy creatures they do not like to share anything.

Bed bugs are also known to bite humans. They need blood and we are their unlimited supply of blood. Their bite is cause by severe swelling and intense pain.

The bite can be the reason for people with sensitive skin to cause an allergic reaction. Bed bugs can be a cause of serious illness and other problems. They shed their skin on your furniture which can make it dirty and can also be a reason for diseases.

How long can bed bugs live without a meal?


How often do bed bugs feed. we have effectively learned about the species of bed bugs. While they are transforming, they undergo stages. The amount of food they need to survive.

The places where they are likely to invade. The harmful effects they are most likely to cause. So what we need to do is to have countermeasures and methods to eradicate the bed gus from their very roots.

This is to stop the diseases and problems spread by them. Getting rid of them is very rational. The countermeasures include the use of repellents and pesticides.

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