How to cover kitchen cabinets without painting

How to cover kitchen cabinets without painting. Your kitchen should have cabinets. As such, you understand how important it is to have everything arranged and stored efficiently.

With a set of cabinets, you’ll be able to store most of your kitchen necessities. There are actually a number of different ways available to make your cabinet doors and drawers look brand new again, apart from painting them.

Here are some ideas to consider.

How to cover kitchen cabinets without painting

how to cover kitchen cabinets without painting

Contact paper can make your kitchen cabinets look brand new. It is easy to find this type of material anywhere in shops or online, and it comes in multiple colors.

Contact paper can also be used on other surfaces. Update your kitchen with contact paper instead of replacing your cabinets.

Painting your kitchen cabinets (or anything else) isn’t the only way to update them.

Using contact paper

using contact paper

Consider using removable contact paper if you need to change up the look of your kitchen cabinets from time to time.

In addition to being easier than painting or varnishing, you can also change out the paper at any time should you wish to change your design.

If you want to choose a contact paper brand, you need to read reviews as some brands leave a sticky residue that’s difficult to remove.

Installation of Creative Knobs

There are many ways to freshen up the look of your kitchen without having to paint every cabinet. You can easily find colorful knobs and pulls at your local hardware store or online.

You can also make your own knobs with silverware or old toys. Use glue or a drill to attach them yourself after spray, painting them gold or any other color you like. This is an excellent and affordable option.

Consider Open Shelving

consider open shelving

Are you still unsure about decorating your kitchen cabinets without painting them?

Instead of installing cabinets, you might want to consider open shelving, which means no more doors on kitchen cabinets.

Therefore, you no longer have to struggle with having things such as cups or plates out of reach as it allows you to put them within reach.

However, you’ll require organizing skills in order to keep this neat and clean.

Put molding on top

You can easily upgrade your kitchen cabinets by molding. Cabinet moldings are decorative wood pieces that can be used to match your cabinets to other elements in your kitchen’s style.

You can choose from three different cabinet molding sizes: large, medium, or small, and either simple or elaborate. When you have a high ceiling in your kitchen, use large cabinet molding to make it look more stylish and grand.

Depending on the size, you may also need smaller cabinet moldings for a smaller kitchen. In this way, the cabinets would seem to belong in the kitchen and fit into the room consistently.

Your corner brackets should be placed 9 inches from the end of the cabinet so that the cabinet doesn’t have any strange-looking joints. The cabinets will also be easier to maintain if the spacers do not connect to them.


Is contact paper safe to use in cabinets?

Graphics on wrapping paper are best suited for covering cabinet surfaces. Choose contact paper that sticks tightly to trims and flourishes on cabinet doors and drawer faces.

Is there a way to cover my cabinet without a door?

A number of ways can be used to cover cabinets. People use fabrics, blinds, metal, wire, and even lattice material to add color and texture to their home decor.

Can I put wallpaper on my kitchen cabinets?

Installing wallpaper inside drawers allows you to protect your cooking items without covering your entire cabinet or reducing its storage space.

Also, you can add wallpaper to the sides of cabinets to make them look more attractive, regardless of whether you choose to go with a bold pattern or a neutral color scheme.

How to Wrap a Kitchen Cabinet Door


How to cover kitchen cabinets without painting. Hopefully, this post is useful to you. In case you are using your kitchen a lot and want it to look good, you might want to consider changing the look of the cabinets rather than painting them completely.

As mentioned earlier, many of these techniques can be performed by the homeowner easily and will give your kitchen new life. Thanks for visiting our site.

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