How To Cut A PVC Pipe With Sawzall

How To Cut A PVC Pipe With Sawzall. Polyvinyl chloride or to be short PVC has now been replaced with the pipes of metal surely because of their too much power, and durability and they are easy to be employed with not much of cost. In the market, you can clearly see the wide collection of shapes and measurements.

Though it is best for you to seek the assistance of a professional plumber to do the pvc cutting work for you because of his knowledge and expertise in this work but there can be at times in your life where you have to do this all on your own with a Sawzall.

But the problem is just having a Sawzall is not enough, having proper knowledge to use it to cut the pipe is also of utmost significance that you at the moment are lacking.

This writeup is purely being written to educate our honorable readers to cut the PVC pipe in their plumbing with a sawzall.

How To Cut A PVC Pipe With Sawzall

how to cut a pvc pipe with sawzall

Sawzall can cut the PVC pipes?

Beyond doubt, yes why not. If you have Sawzall and you are in a situation where you have to cut the pipe on your own with Sawzall then you must be well observant of two things, one is an appropriate blade and the second is that you must keep away Sawzall from trembling.

You also must the appropriate measurement of the blade for Sawzall because there is a good variety of its measurement available in the market.

Additionally, avoid having a blade that has teeth because they do get stuck up while cutting PVC pipes.

Precautions Of Cutting PVC With Sawzall

To make sure that you cut the PVC pipes successfully without harming yourself in any way then you must take the following precautions.

Keep Checking Your Hands

In order to avoid any cuts and bleeding from your handwear protective gloves and keep checking your hands over and over again because at times even professionals do get injuries on their hands while cutting it.

Protect Your Eyes

protect your eyes

Pieces of PVC pipe definitely come out when you cut them from Sawzall, therefore it’s best that you wear glasses or goggles in order to protect your eyes from them because if they enter your eyes they can potentially harm your eyes.

Undamaged Blade

Make use of Sawzall which has a blade that is not damaged or wearisome because it is less likely to get you the result of cutting PVC pipe.

Steps To Cut The PVC Pipe From Sawzall

Following are the steps you need to take to cut the PVC pipe from sawzall

  • Use Lubricant

First and foremost step is that you must use any sort of lubricant so that the blade can slide through the pipe easily by minimizing the friction.

  • Measurement Twice

measurement twice

It is best for you to check the measurement twice, to make sure everything is going in right direction.  Working with certainty and confidence is must.

  • Affix The Pipe

Once you are sure of the measurements then the next step is to affix to the some surface with the usage of clamps because you never going to get a straight cut if the pipe keep moving.

In case you don’t have clamps then you can use any other thing that you have to affix the pipe.  After affixing the pipe just make two V-shaped cuts on top that are appropriate for the measurement of the pipe.

  • Enough Force On Sawzall

You should also be making sure that you have put the appropriate amount of force on sawzall so that it can have a reduction in trembling which makes the cutting work easier for you.

  • Start Work On Cutting

In order to prevent yourself from getting zero control over the sawzball hence enhancing the probabilities of making absolutely perfect cut on the pipe, it is wise for you to start by delicately dragging the trigger until you make a little crack on the pipe.

In order to speed up the process you can choose to increase the force on the trigger as soon you create a little crack on your pipe. Doing all this make sure that your hands are safe from cuts.

How to cut PVC pipe straight with a Sawzall?


How To Cut A PVC Pipe With Sawzall. From the above discussion, you know that at times even you yourself are bound to cut the PVC pipes from Sawzall and now you also know how can you make use of Sawzall to cut the PVC pipes.

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