How to cut curtain bangs

How to cut curtain bangs. Curtain bangs, otherwise called Bardot bangs or periphery, have been an immortal and flexible haircut that adds a dash of stylish tastefulness to any look. They outline the face delightfully, relax, and can be redone to suit different hair types and lengths.

The most outstanding aspect? You can cut drape bangs at home with the right instruments and methods. In this far-reaching guide, we will walk you through the most common way of cutting Curtain bangs bit by bit, guaranteeing you accomplish a staggering outcome that supplements your extraordinary style.

How to cut curtain bangs

How to cut curtain bangs
How to cut curtain bangs

Cutting curtain bangs is a stylish method for outlining your face and adding a bit of stylish to your haircut. Begin with spotless, dry hair, separating it down the middle to make two even areas. Brush the hair before every ear forward, making two three-sided areas for the bangs.

Decide your ideal length, typically around the cheekbone or facial structure level, and cut upward for a delicate, padded impact. Start longer than required and trim bit by bit to stay away from overcutting.

Apparatuses and Materials

Before we plunge into the genuine cutting interaction, ensure you have the accompanying devices and materials prepared:

Sharp Hair Scissors:

Put resources into an excellent set of haircutting scissors to guarantee a perfect and exact trim.


A fine-toothed lookover is fundamental for separating and segmenting your hair.

Hair Clasps:

Utilize these to get the remainder of your hair far removed, leaving just the part you plan to trim.

Water Shower Container:

Fog your hair to keep it sodden during the trimming system, making it more straightforward to work with.


Position yourself before a sufficiently bright mirror, ideally one that permits you to see both the front and side perspectives on your hair.

Here are the  stages of curtain bangs

 Settle on the Bang Style

Curtain bangs can shift long, thickness, and how they approach your face. Prior to beginning, settle on the particular style you need to accomplish.

You can go for more limited, wispy bangs or longer, more sensational ones – everything relies upon your own inclination.

Set up Your Hair

 Set up Your Hair

Begin with spotless, dry hair. Go over your hair to eliminate any knots and bunches.

In the event that your hair is normally wavy or wavy, fix it involving a level iron for a smoother trimming process.

Fog your hair with water until it’s marginally sodden but not dousing wet.

Segment Your Hair

Utilizing your brush, make a middle part in your hair. This separation will be the rule for your curtain bangs. Then, at that point, a segment of the hair you need to transform into bangs.

Ordinarily, this is a three-sided segment that beginnings at your splitting and reaches out to the external corners of your eyebrows. Cut the remainder of your hair away to keep it far removed.

 Decide the Length

Settle on the ideal length for your curtain bangs. It’s for the most part smart to begin longer and steadily trim if necessary. Recollect that you can continuously cut more, yet you can’t fix a cut that is excessively off.

 Make the Main Cut

Hold the segment of hair you need to trim between your fingers, guaranteeing it’s clammy. Position your scissors at a point, trimming upward into the hair to make a delicate, fluffy impact. Begin cutting from the center of the part, moving downwards to the ideal length.


To accomplish that mark the drapery bangs surface, and point-cut the closures of the bangs by clipping into them in an upward direction. This will add a delicate, padded look and keep the closures from looking excessively gruff.

 Check for Evenness

Unclip the remainder of your hair and check for evenness. Make any fundamental acclimations to guarantee the two sides are even. It’s fundamental to require your investment at this stage to stay away from lopsided outcomes.

 Style and Finish

Now that your Curtain Bangs are sliced flawlessly, you can style them however you would prefer. Utilize a round brush and a blow dryer to add volume and shape. You can likewise utilize a level iron to make delicate waves or twists for a heartfelt, disheveled look.

Keeping up with Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs might require more successive support than different haircuts. Here are a few hints to keep them putting their best self forward:

Trim Consistently

To keep up with the shape and keep your bangs from getting too lengthy, trim them each 4 a month and a half. You can do this without anyone else’s help or visit an expert beautician for upkeep.

Use Hair Items

Apply styling items like a volumizing mousse or texturizing shower to keep your Curtain bangs set up and add definition.

Avoid Overwashing

Washing your hair also oftentimes can make your bangs look oily. Attempt to skirt a little while between washes or utilize evaporate cleanser to renew.

Protect from Intensity

On the off chance that you use heat styling devices, consistently utilize an intensity protectant to forestall harm.


The Last Word

How to cut curtain bangs. Cutting curtain bangs at home is a tomfoolery and financially savvy method for switching around your hairdo and adding a hint of marvelousness to your look.

By following this bit-by-bit guide and taking as much time as necessary, you can accomplish lovely, face-outlining drape bangs that suit your exceptional style and facial highlights.

Keep in mind, that careful discipline brings about promising results, so be encouraged in the event that it takes a couple of attempts to get them spot on. With persistence and the right devices, you’ll shake your drapery bangs with trust quickly.

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