How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float

How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float. Imagine you are sleeping in your bedroom and suddenly you wakeup because of there in your toilet flush water is running down, how you going to feel about it? Definitely it would be annoying for you.

You go out to check what’s the matter with the toilet, you open up lid from the toilet reservoir and found out there is no float boat in it, you again become curious that what could be the cause of this water running down?

Now imagine same thing happens right in front of your guest while they are having lunch with you then what impression they are going to have of yours? Most probably they are going to have negative impression of yours and that is definitely you don’t want to happen.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to be worry now in case you find yourself in any such situation since there is always light in the darkness for the one who wishes to see the light, so there is definitely light for this situation too.

This writeup is being written from exactly the point of view to guide all of you to learn how to fix a running toilet of yours that has no ball float it.

How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float

how to fix a running toilet without a ball float

Why running toilet needs to be fixed quickly?

Following reasons contribute in making it necessary for you to take necessary steps to fix the issue of running toilet quickly.

Disturbed Sleeps

If you are sleeping and half way through the night your toilet starts running down, then it can potentially wake you up that is not good for your physical and mental health.


If your toilet keeps running down while you have guests in your home then it can become a embarrassing hence unpleasant experience for you.

Wastage Of Water

wastage of water

Water keeps running down from your flush with not being use and going down in the drainage is actually being wastage of water or being thankless to nature or God.

Increase In Water Bills

Running toilet is not only causing wastage of water but simultaneously also causing more burden on your pocket in form of more than usual water bill.

Above reasons now makes it very clear to all of you why running water from the toilet requires an immediate and quick fix.

Getting A Toilet That Has No Float Ball Fixed

Today is 2022, and a lot of things have changed over the year. Toilet systems are no exception to the law of change, nowadays newly modeled toilets are equipped with a composite structure that is in an upright position in the tank called fill valves, which makes flushing easier and more efficient.

Getting them to fix if any problem occurs to them is also a lot easier than the older toilets that had no float ball in them. The function of both float ball and fill valves are almost the same however fill valves are better than the floating boat.

Understanding Fill Valve

You will commonly find this standing in the left most of your reservoir and its sole purpose is to learn fill in the toilet reservoir with the assistance of refill tube after each time you make use of flush handle to flush it.

They are joined by more than one type of floats and from them it’s the float cup that is most frequently joined with fill valve.

In comparison to float boat, fill valves are more smooth and quieter hence environment friendly. You will find fill valves in dual flushing system.

Get A New Fill Valve

get a new fill valve

You might have had a cell phone for some 2 3 years and then, later on, you were in need to change it because it was not functioning as initially.

It used to, same goes for these fill valves in your toilet they need to be replaced as well after 5 to years so that you can avoid the potential of the unpleasant experience of running toilet.

Often the flapper doesn’t get closed with each flush despite its chain being entwined so it can result in the running of toilet so it also needs to be replaced with a newer ones.

Disconnect The Supply Of Water To Reservoir

Before you take the necessary steps to replace the valve, first and most important work for you is to turn of the main water connection to disconnect the supply of water to toilet reservoir.

After closing the main connection of water from tank make sure you flush the tank to make sure there is no drop of water so that you can comfortably carry out the work of replacing the fill valve.

Make The Old Valve Remove

It would not be troublesome for you to replace the valve it has not caught much wear and tear. All you need to do is to reach down the base of valve where there is a ring lock.

Now simply you got to remove the fill valve from it base just by pulling it upward and besides you are also require to remove the parts that are annexed with it such as refill tube and other parts.

You do need some vinegar to dry the rusted parts of fill valves together before they get dismantled. Base can also be replaced if it has caught rust and damages and in case it hasn’t then you need to replace only the fill valve.

Put In New Fill Valve

To be sure that which fill valve will be suitable for your toilet ask any professional. All you need to do is to you put valve and refill tube on the surface of base.

Making the usage of lock ring you need to lock it to make it unmovable. Your overflow tube must be joined with refill tube now.

Turn on the water connection and now check the level of water in tank because if it is too much then it would pave the for other problem of overflowing.

How to Fix A Running Toilet?


How do you fix a toilet without floating the boat?

In older system there used to be float ball while in new toilet there is fill valve, it can be replaced with new fill valve, best is to change it after every 5 or 6 years.

Do new toilets have float ball?

No new toilets are equipped with better mechanism of fill valves, float boat have become outdated now.


How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float. From the above discussion you know about new and old toilets system, that older had float boat and the new one now includes a better system of fill valves that are environmentally friendly because they make the flow of water from flush with not much noise.

You also now are aware of how to replace the old fill valve with the new fill valve.

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