How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet

How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet. Often it happens that when you sit on the toilet it starts wobbling, which makes it an unpleasant experience for you. Let us add here it is not only unpleasant but simultaneously it is also dangerous for your health.

On top of that in case anyone from your guest make use of your toilet then it further causes embarrassment.

Therefore it is must to get this issue of wobbled toilet fix as soon as possible and we do fully understand that it can be troublesome experience for you.

You do want to know in such unpleasant that how to fix the wobbly toilet up but you have no one to tell you.

Don’t worry now because now we are writing this writeup with the intention to guide of all you to how to fix the wobbly toilet as quickly you can so that you can tackle the unpleasant situation in future.

How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet

how to fix a wobbly toilet

Reasons wobbly toilet need immediate fix

Following reasons motivates you to take immediate steps to fix the wobbly toilet.

Flooded floor

One reason to take immediate steps to fix the wobbly toilet is that a wobbly toilet can often end up flooding your toilet, which means it can cause wastage of water.

High water bills

Following from above reason lot of water goes on wasted but it also contributes to the increase in your water bills.

Unpleasant smell

unpleasant smell

Lot of bad smell comes out from a wobbly toilet therefore it needs an immediate fix.

Causes Of wobbly toilet

Now once you know the seriousness of the problem of wobbly toilet you might be now curious to know the causes of wobbly toilet in order to fix the problem up.  Following reasons cause the toilet to wobble.

  • Not tightened loose bolts
  • Uneven flooring
  • Toilet flange that is broken

How to fix a wobbly toilet

Cause the tank to be emptied

Before you go on to remove the toilet first thing you need to do is to turn of the water connection and make use of flush as much you can so you can have no traces of water left in the tank at all.

Lift off the toilet

In order to remove the toilet all you need to remove the bolts on left and right hand side of the toilet with the assistance of wrench.

If you are conscious of cleanliness then make sure you put the toilet on the newspaper or carboard because the bottom of the toilet contains a lot of dirt that can potentially make your floor look dirty.

Now you may look for the wax ring that functions to stop the water and the other dirt to be spilled on the toilet floor. To avoid smelling bad odor coming out from the hole where toilet was fixed it would be wise of you to place any heavy object on it.

Fixing the closet flange

fixing the closet flange

It would be open to only two choices if the question of how to fix a loose toilet flange arises.

One can either make an addition of repair plate or one can just change the old flange with a new one.

In case the damage is minor then it is best to make addition of repair plate but if damage is bigger than it should be changed with new toilet flange.

Making a change in closet flange

In order to change the toilet flange first you have to check for the cast iron flanges so that you by using the chisel can cut the flanges, but make sure be very careful while doing all this that is require to remove the old toilet flange.

If you think you can’t do it all in your own then it would be wise you seek help of professional.

At this very moment you should be having every new material that you require to fix the new flange , take the new flange and then fit it in the cast iron.

Reinstallation of toilet

reinstallation of toilet

New flange so everything new, including the two new bolts and the wax ring.

Just make the insertion of two new bolts and also make fixation of new wax ring and to install the toilet all you need to uplift it and place it where the holes were so that you the bolts can go through them .


What causes a toilet to wobble?

There are a few causes that causes the toilet to wobble not just one. For example uneven floor , corroded toilet flange etc.

Fixing a Wobbly Toilet


How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet. From the above discussion you have learned the causes of wobbly toilet and how to fix up the wobbly toilet.

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