How to get rid of a wasp nest without getting stung

How to get rid of a wasp nest without getting stung. There are many variations of wasps, not just the common yellow and black species, though these are by far the most recognizable to people.

Here are several ways to prevent a wasp nest from happening in your house, and reduce the risk of stings. Your home needs to be clean, especially around the entrances.

Wasps like warm places because they like light. So we suggest sealing those doors by keeping them covered with screens or placing things that wasps don’t like near them (like firewood).

Next, it’s important to close all doors and windows at night, because wasps love coming in when you’re sleeping, but closing your apartment will keep all these insects from entering.

How to get rid of a wasp nest without getting stung

how to get rid of a wasp nest without getting stung

With the tips below, you can get rid of wasps without the risk of being stung.

Using Pesticide Spray

For killing wasps, you can buy pesticides from your local supermarket. Spray their nest for about 20 seconds, as outlined on the label. Follow the same steps if wasps are found the next day

. It’s done when no more wasps are flying out of their nests. Be sure it will not happen again. You can also have pest control companies remove that useless structure.

Use Insecticidal Dust

In the case of a ground nest, insecticidal dust can prove helpful in getting rid of ants. If you apply the dust over the nest and leave it for a couple of days, it will not harm any animals that come near.

Until the nest is controlled, reapply immediately if the nest remains active.

Using Smoke

using smoke

Whenever you suspect that a wasp nest exists in your crawl space under your floorboards, in your attic, or on the exterior walls of your home, poke smoke holes into the nest area.

They will be confused by smoke and forced to flee. Once they have gone, you may clear out their nest with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

The Nest is Dipped in Water

Trying this method will help you reach difficult-to-reach wasp nests. You will need a bucket of water big enough to hold the entire nest.

Tie the string securely around the top of the bag to prevent holes. I recommend doing this at night because wasps don’t like wet environments, so if their nest gets flooded, they will leave on their own.

Prevent them from Returning

You need to ensure that entryways in your home, like cracks around windows and door frames, are sealed after wasp nests have been removed for good.

Don’t leave abandoned wasp nests lying around as wasps may start a new nest over top of them.

Set up Wasp Traps

set up wasp traps

With summer knocking at our door, the best way to keep your home free of pests is by making wasp traps.

To do this, cut off the tip of a plastic soda bottle and seal it from the outside except for a small hole that wasps can slip through.

Simply hang it near your home and leave delicious foods like meat or fruit so as to attract these pesky creatures.


Is it safe to remove a wasp nest?

Wasps should not be able to reach exposed skin. The best time to remove them is either in the morning or at night when they’re all inside.

If you must use a flashlight, cover the beam with cellophane since yellow light attracts pests while red repels them.

When will wasps leave their nest?

Typically, wasps will start to die off as the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder toward the end of summer.

A professional pest control company that is willing to deal with nests that are formed early in the year or established during the spring and summer might be able to get the job done sooner than this.

How to get rid of a wasp nest?


How to get rid of a wasp nest without getting stung. Many people are affected by wasp nests. Moreover, they can be dangerous to you, your family, your pets, and your neighbors. Especially dangerous are wasp nests to children, who have a higher chance of touching them.

It is not necessary to use harmful pesticides to get rid of a wasp nest. As mentioned above in this article, there are several other ways to get rid of a wasp nest that are much safer for you.

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