How To Get Rid Of Ant Hills

How To Get Rid Of Ant Hills. Every season comes along with some comforts and discomforts both. Summer season comes along with comforts and discomforts too.

We are here going to discuss one of the discomfort that comes along with the season of summer, and that is ant hills. Like majority of small bugs ants too find themselves more comfortable in warm season, that is why you see army of them in your home more active in summer season which makes it troublesome experience for you.

Additionally when you see the ant hills in your home’s premises then you tend to be more into panic state which is understandable.

You don’t wish to see their entire colony making a mound of dirt in your yard or in the basements of your home but you are clueless to how to get rid of them.

Don’t worry this article is being written with the point of view to guide all of you on some of the very easy natural tricks of getting rid of this ant hill so that in future when you see any ant hill you don’t panic.

How To Get Rid Of Ant Hills

how to get rid of ant hills

Problem is something going around us that is not desired. Seeing hill of ants is definitely not anyone desires hence a problem.

This problem like every problem has definitely some solutions, below we will be discussing some of the very easy natural methods to you so you can easily get rid of ant hills.

Follow their trail and boiling water

Often the ants from their hills would come before your eyes for some food, you have to keep a close eye on them when they go back and make sure they have no idea that you are following them, keep stealthily following them so that you know where they are coming from, you would know their hill where they have infested.

Once you know the where they are coming from or their ant hills where they have infested go back to your kitchen and get a couple of gallons of water boiled.

After getting the gallons of water fully boiled, go to their mount hill and pour the gallons of water on it as quickly you can, you got to be too quick to do all this because the more boiled water poured down on them, the more chances it would create for them to be killed by that.

Baits and some homemade solutions

Outplay the ants in the ant hills simply by putting any sweet food right in front of their mound because ants are naturally more attracted towards the sweet food.

Sweet food would lure all of them to come out of their hill including the queen and then you have to spray any of the homemade solution on them.



Yes you read it right that chalk is effective repellent of ants. Chalk contains calcium carbonate to which these ants cannot stand even for a second.

Sprinkle the chalk power on them as soon as they come out of their hills so that they move away from your home.

It would also be wise of you if you to powder chalk on all entry points of your home except the door from which they enter your home, there it would be wise you spray any available insect killer to kill all of them or you can leave it without spraying pesticide so they can move out of your home.

Lemon and water mixture

Take ½ of lemon and water mixture and mix them properly to have a effective mixture.

Once the bait lures them to come out spray this mixture on them generously so that it repels them, they will try to enter your room and kitchens so better you spray the mixture there as well to avoid their entrance.

Whereas on the main entrance points to your home you can either spray pesticides to kill them or you can leave it without spraying anything so they can move out of your home.

White vinegar

white vinegar

Observation have revealed that smell of vinegar doesn’t go well with ants. Make a mixture of vinegar and water in which both are in equal quantity and add little bit of essential oil in that mixture.

Spray that mixture on the ants that you have lured through baits to repel them. To make sure they don’t enter in your other rooms make sure you spray the same mixture on all their entrance points.

In main entrance points to your home you have a choice whether you want to spray insects killer to kill the ants or you don’t spray it to let them go out from your home’s premises.


In all the above home made solution method it would be better you do this method collectively, one person spray the solutions and other person will destroy the hill so that they the ants do not enter in their hill as soon you spray any homemade solution on them.


How do I permanently get rid of an ant hill?

Very simple and easy trick is to pour down the steaming or boiling over their hill will get you rid of their hill permanently.

How do you get rid of ant hill naturally?

Through a bait of sweet food lure them to come outside from hill and then sprinkle on them any homemade solution like lemon and water, water and vinegar, etc to get rid of them by repelling them but make sure there is other guy destroying the hill in the meantime you spray that solution.

How do I get Rid of Ant Hills?


How To Get Rid Of Ant Hills. In this article, you have learned what is ant hill and how to get rid of it easily. You have learned that you can get rid of them easily by homemade solutions along with bait for them and even by pouring down gallons of boiled water on them.

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