How to get rid of Black Beetles

How to get rid of Black Beetles. The black beetle is a common household bug. During the spring they often enter our homes to lay their eggs around baseboards, especially in areas where there are wool, leather, or cereals stored or even just dampness or a lot of dust around.

Usually, they are found under cabinets, along baseboards, and inside walls. If you want to eliminate these bugs and stop them from returning.

You should remove all materials that attracted them, such as woolen items or leather because their main issue is where they nest.

How to get rid of Black Beetles

how to get rid of black beetles

Soap and water are the most effective methods of exterminating black beetles. Vacuum them up with a wet/dry vacuum or ShopVac. Set out cedar oil traps.

Use DE as a silica-based agent when sprinkled around your doorframes and window frames and even inside window cracks and baseboards to kill beetles.

Use essential oils to combat the effects of Black Beetle infestations.

Dish Soap and Water can be Used

Pour water into a mason jar and add a few drops of dish soap. As the beetles fall from the plant into the jar, they will drown in the solution of water and soap.

Vacuum Them up

vacuum them up

try using a wet/dry or ShopVac to remove the bugs. The vacuum is great for pulling bugs out of where they are resting as well as chasing pests away and removing them from sight.

Hanging Beetle Traps

You can get rid of beetles by hanging traps around your lawn. Typically yard traps consist of a pouch filled with sticky, aromatic substances to attract beetles.

Beetles trying to feed off it get stuck inside instead and die.

Using Peppermint Oil

using peppermint oil

There are several natural ways to keep pests away, such as mint oil and peppermint plants.

Use a 10-15 part blend of essential oils and water to spray around your doorframes, vents, and windows to prevent them from entering your home.

DE Method

Animals, children, and pets can all safely use the product, but insects are deadly. DE dehydrates insects quickly.

Use DE to kill beetles by sprinkling them around access points and along foundation seams, following the instructions on the package.

Applying Neem Oil

applying neem oil

Neem oil products are used as a natural insect repellent across the world and for good reason. More than 200 insects are killed by this oil without harming people or animals.

To protect indoor plants from insects like beetles, spray neem oil on them directly.

Preventing Methods

  • Be sure to seal cracks in caulk and weather stripping, as well as other accessible areas such as around windows, doors, and soffits.
  • The best way to keep black beetles out of your home is to avoid giving them food sources that may attract them, such as keeping perishable foods refrigerated and consuming leftovers as soon as possible.
  • The other smart idea is to treat the outside of your foundation before they can enter through windows and doors by using exterior barrier sprays available from local home goods stores.


Is vinegar effective against black beetles?

Use this household essential for pest control by mixing equal parts water and white or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle (about 1/4 cup of each) and spraying away.

What smell does the black beetle dislike?

Use clove oil, neem oil, vinegar, peppermint oil, cedar oil, lavender oil, citronella, and eucalyptus oil to repel black beetles and other stinky pests.


How to get rid of Black Beetles. The black beetle is a common sight in many homes, and sadly, they’re almost always signs of pest infestations.

Their natural attraction is moisture and food, and they tend to enter homes through cracks and holes in window and door frames, or areas where pipes enter the building.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you make an informed decision about getting rid of black beetles in your home.

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