How to get rid of carpet beetles naturally

How to get rid of carpet beetles naturally. Beetles can destroy textiles, as well as clothing and carpets. Humans and animals are not harmed by these insects, but they are able to severely damage carpet and upholstery if left unattended.

Prior to applying pesticides, you should try them. Among other things, pesticides can be toxic to children, pets, and humans. Before using chemicals to get rid of carpet beetles, try organic/natural methods.

How to get rid of carpet beetles naturally

how to get rid of carpet beetles naturally

It is an effective way to repel carpet beetles by using vinegar. Clean affected areas with vinegar and water to remove carpet beetle larvae. As a deterrent, it can also be effective. Below are some top tips.

Use Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth can be used to treat carpet beetle problems. Natural powders can be applied in fine layers to carpets.

With its exoskeleton absorbed with oils and fats, carpet beetles slowly die.

Vacuuming and steaming the house

vacuuming and steaming the house

Steam every area of the house that may contain carpet beetles or larvae with a steamer. For best results, please dry your clothes at 120°F for at least 30 minutes (you need to make sure your clothes can handle the heat).

According to UC IPM, carpet beetle infestations should be frozen for two weeks.

Ensure that your house is regularly vacuumed and steam cleaned. If you vacuum them up and put them in a bag, you can easily get rid of insects.

Apply Boric Acid

The use of boric acid as a substitute for food-grade diatomaceous earth might be feasible. Using boric acid on carpets should be done with just a light coating, which should be vacuumed off after several hours to avoid inhaling powder as you walk on the carpet.

Boric acid is a stomach poison that can repel pests, so hopefully, after they finish cleaning their legs, they might go somewhere else to eat outside.

It is important to use boric acid carefully, since high doses can cause serious adverse side effects, including nausea and abdominal pain.

Vinegar solution

vinegar solution

Preventing pest problems is the best way to control them. You can also clean your furniture with vinegar to remove dust and dirt.

Simply mix 3 parts vinegar with 7 parts water. Apple cider vinegar is also useful.

Cedar is also useful

Using cedar will ensure that carpet beetles are not attracted to fabrics such as wool rugs. You can purchase cedar at a hardware store.

Carpet beetles are attracted to cedar because it is cheap and effective. Keep the cedar near the areas where you see them often in a sachet.

Many people think that placing cedar sachets would help kill them, but this is not entirely true. The space between these sachets will still trap some of them, especially as they fly around, so they could end up multiplying instead of disappearing.

Ideally, you should burn cedar in the area where you saw them last, so you will have no choice but to leave.

Using regular or sunlight lighting

using regular or sunlight lighting

The carpet beetle is generally nocturnal, so he isn’t used to sunlight.

Whenever you are dealing with carpet beetles, opening up your windows or pulling back the curtains will allow sunlight to penetrate your home.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that solar rays will not kill carpet beetles or insect pests over time.

UV light will only repel them because of their natural fear of light.


Can baking soda be used to get rid of carpet beetles?

You can kill beetles with baking soda. Insects such as carpet beetles and other insects will die if they ingest baking soda, even though they do not ingest it because the oral contact will kill them.

Can carpet beetles be found on walls?

Carpet beetles lay their eggs inside the nests of birds and other animals. Upon finding dead insects or wildlife, they will live in walls, or perhaps even in chimneys.

Most likely to be found in dark, undisturbed areas, making their homes around natural fabrics, such as carpets.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?


How to get rid of carpet beetles naturally. Carpet beetles are a common pest in homes. They are usually found in bedrooms, basements, and attics. Among their substrates are carpets, upholstered furniture, and stored clothing.

Carpet beetles are yellow-tan colored and are small. The majority of their diet consists of keratin, which is a major component of wool, and animal products, including fur and leather.

Carpet beetles are small yellow-tan insects that are often found in homes. Find out more about carpet beetles and how to get rid of them naturally by reading the information above.

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