How to get rid of Cicadas home Remedies

How to get rid of Cicadas home Remedies. Cicadas infestations increase in many regions when the weather gets warmer and the soil begins to warm.

In some areas of the world, periodical cicadas have complete life cycles that happen every 13 years.

Cicadas control is difficult but with our expert advice on how to prevent and reduce cicada populations you might find that living next door to these little pests won’t be so bad after all.

How to get rid of Cicadas home Remedies

how to get rid of cicadas home remedies

When you have a cicada infestation in your yard, it is necessary to remove the nymphs from the soil. The secret is to fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water at a 1:1 ratio.

Shake up the mixture and proceed to mist it into the soil around the trees where the adult cicadas have come to rest for their short lives. 

If you are looking to kill these bugs once they climb out, then bleach is your best bet as they quickly emerge from their holes.

Manually pick them

If you have a relatively small yard and don’t want to invest in an expensive insect killer. Picking adults and nymphs by hand if found in small numbers.

One of the simplest ways to get rid of cicadas is by sucking them into your hose, or plucking them from the vegetation in your garden and dousing them with water before they can fly off. This method works though it will take you time.

Tree Bases covered

The sticky, net-like cover of a tree may repel the cicadas from climbing up. This shall not kill the adults, who can fly.

Instead, the covers will stop nymphs from climbing up to shed their skins and develop wings.

Apply Vinegar or Bleach

apply vinegar or bleach

As cicada nymphs are susceptible to acid, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to get rid of the nymphs.

The cicada killers can easily be picked off after they have awoken from the ground by smelling the soil.

However, if you want to poison them in their holes, a mixture of bleach and water is an equally effective option.  It may harm you, your pets, and your plants so are careful.

Pour Boiling Water Over Cicada Holes

Try pouring boiling water over the areas where you see cicadas returning to your yard if you have noticed them returning.

As a result, any adults that may happen to be hanging out around the holes will be killed as well as larvae living underground. If you find a ‘cicada killer’ wasp during this process, you should catch it and release it.

Essential oil use

essential oil use

Add about 10 drops of essential oil to two cups of water. The scent is an important consideration when repelling cicadas, so peppermint or tea tree is a good idea for this purpose.

However lavender is another essential oil that people have also been known to try.

You can also add some vinegar if you wish, but be careful when spraying vinegar on certain plants.


What is the lifespan of a cicada?

A cicada living above ground for 2-3 weeks might be exciting, but unfortunately, the duration doesn’t do much for their lifespan. In fact, cicadas may spend about 13 or so years in their underground stage.

Are cicadas responsible for ground holes?

Cicadas dig holes to the surface before the weather becomes pleasant enough for them to come out. Cicadas sometimes build little condos in those holes.

When soil is wet, they produce a chimney so that they won’t drown when they are finally exposed to sunlight.

How to Get Rid of Cicadas?


How to get rid of Cicadas home Remedies. The cicada is a large, noisy insect found flying around in the summertime. In great numbers, they can be seen flying around and are frequently mistaken for locusts.

In this post, we have outlined some natural cicada remedies so that you can easily get rid of cicadas and be able to enjoy your garden, free from the presence of cicadas.

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