How To Get Rid Of Cicadas

How To Get Rid Of Cicadas. Cicadas are one of the superfamilies are from “Cicadoidea”. Cicadas like I said is a super family and are also known as true insects.

They are quite similar to jumping bugs for example; leafhoppers, Locusts and others. Cicadas are actually not harmful to humans at all. I used the word very because Cicadas can cause indirect damage.

For example, Cicadas creep some people out. Those people get scared and in fear humans do things they tend not to do. In short, they mess up coz of fear. Cicadas live in the underground for about seven years.

They later evolve and come out or rise up as Nymphs. Cicadas are harmless as they do not bite but still having insects crawling around in your is not very lovely. So what do we do. We get rid of them.

How To Get Rid Of Cicadas

how to get rid of cicadas

There are quite a lot of ways to get rid of Insects like Cicadas. Some of them are listed as follows.

These methods are the most effective ones that are tested by many people. So read them carefree below:

Removing The Cicadas Manually

We have an option to actually get rid of the Cicadas manually. It can be done by a variety of methods for instance capturing them and then throwing them out or even eliminating them.

But I suggest the first option as Cicadas are harmless. Therefore, no need to kill them right. I hope we agree to the point. Nevertheless, as you came to know how to get rid of them.

I will put methods to eradicate them too. To eliminate the cicadas or get them out away. We lure the cicadas out and manually eliminate them.

Using Different Types Of Tape And Sticky Material

using different types of tape and sticky material

Cicadas suckle on plants so they are definitely attracted to trees too. For catching them with tapes or other sticky material. We must find the area where cicadas are most attracted.

Then we will rap the tape around the plant or the tree which we chose and wait for the cicadas to appear. Once they show up and sit on the sticky material.

They are sure to get stuck and will not be able to escape. At that time you can catch them or eliminate them as you please.

By Barricading With Help Of Net

by barricading with help of net

Let me ask you what if the enemy is not even in your premises? You will not have to fight anyone.

So, this is another technique, by barricading the plants using nets made of whatsoever material we will not let the cicadas get in our area.

And if cicadas can’t get to the plants. They won’t be able to inflict any damage. Thus, meaning the enemy is not there so you will be safe.

With Help Of Foil Barriers

This is quite very similar to the method of taking coz we are actually using the foil tape. The only advantage in this is that the Cicadas won’t be able to escape from your clutches.

It is very simple yet at same the results are to your taste. Using this method is easy. You just have to rap the foil tape around the area you want to protect and boom! You’ll get the desired result.

By Covering Any And Every Opening

By openings I mean the holes and other places that let the cicadas enter your premises. So, if we cover the holes and there are no openings left, we will be safe from the invasion of Cicadas.

The Method Of Using Vinegar

the method of using vinegar

Vinegar is known to be a natural repellent for all the insects and so cicadas are also no exception. The smell of vinegar is greatly loathed by the cicadas.

They try their best to steer clear of vinegar. So, if we sprinkle or rather spray vinegar in the near by areas.

The cicadas will not come your way. The use of vinegar method is very efficient and very effective as well.

Fragrance Of The Peppermint

fragrance of the peppermint

Similar to vinegar the peppermint is an innate repellent. It is also very functional. The steps of using peppermint to drive the cicadas is similar to that of using vinegar method.

It actually is even more effective than using vinegar. It causes no harm to humans as peppermint is a native repellent. It is also easy to get a hold of it.

With The Aid Of Insecticides

Like name insecticides are materials that repel or kill insects. We also use these insecticides to get rid of the cicadas quite handily. This method is also very potent as insecticides are specifically made to get rid of insects.

How to Get Rid of Cicadas?


How To Get Rid Of Cicadas. We get to the result that the methods, be it the use of repellents or manual force al achieve the same purpose but there is difference in the result rate as some are more effective than others.

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