How To Get Rid Of Crickets Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Crickets Naturally. Summers have just arrived and with many of its comforts and discomforts both. In this article, I will be discussing one of the discomforts of summer and that is having cricket in your home.

You work all day at your workplace and often your boss and other seniors do try to pull your legs, which mentally exhausts you. But you continue work there anyway because you face all this for your near ones in your home.

You tell yourself you’ll go the home and would talk with your loved ones to make you feel good.

You go home and sit on your couch to relax but after some time you start listening chirping sounds on incessant basis, you feel annoyed and then you try to inquire and end up seeing a cricket on your sofa.

You go on to sleep on the bed at night hours and when its half way through the night you again end up hearing the incessant chirping sound and you are like “where this chirping sound is coming from?”, and then again you end up seeing this small bug called cricket on your bed.

Because of their chirping sound you couldn’t sleep all night which can affect your physical and mental health therefore you want to get rid of this bug as soon as possible on your own but you have no idea how to get rid of them?

In this article, I will be discussing some of the easiest and natural methods of getting rid of crickets.

How To Get Rid Of Crickets Naturally

how to get rid of crickets naturally

Tricks Of Prevention Of Crickets

Make All Entrance Points Sealed

First and foremost work you should do is to seal all the entrance points of crickets.

Make sure you have every nook and corner of your home well check to make sure you have sealed all their entrance points.

Get Moisture Reduction

Cricket are lured by the places where there is moisture therefore get the moisture reduction by using dehumidifier. Also make sure that there is no any leakage in the toilet nor anywhere in its plumbing.

Proper Maintenance Of Lawn And Outdoor

Check if there is any sort of water or moisture in your lawn and you should also not keep the piles of wood in all the sides of your home.

Spray Bug Killer

spray bug killer

Spray bugs killer on every entrance point of crickets and also all over the yard so that you create a shield to avoid any potential infestation of crickets.

Cover Sweet Food

One of the incentive for crickets to come in your home is uncovered sweet food , therefore cover them well so they have not this incentive to settle in your home.

How to get rid of crickets naturally

Following natural method might help you in getting rid of crickets naturally

  • Preventives

First and foremost you should be taking all preventive measures to prevent them from sneaking in your home so that you don’t get to see their infestation which would cause bigger problem to you.

  • Tentative Listening

Listen where the sound of chirping is coming from, listen tentatively and once you see them then follow them in stealth manner because they don’t want you to follow them.

  • Vacuum On Regular Basis

vacuum on regular basis

Make use of vacuum on regular basis, this will help you in making your home free from crickets.

By vacuuming you not only kill the adult crickets rather you also destroy their eggs as well which is best for you because eggs are more dangerous because it is bigger threat of bigger infestation.

  • Effective Pest Killer

One of the easy method to get rid of crickets is finding a effective pest killer spray.

Pest killer that not only kill the crickets but also environment friendly with not much smell after spraying it. Therefore you should be very careful in choosing the effective pest killer spray to kill the bugs in your home.

  • Bait Of Peanut Butter And Boric Acid

bait of peanut butter and boric acid

Get 2 tablespoon of peanut butter and half a spoon or 1 tablespoon of boric acid. Mix both of them properly to get proper mixture and then soak up some cotton balls in the mixture.

Once the cotton balls are soaked up then place them on all of their entrance points. It will lure them because of peanut butter which will become cause of their death.

  • Insect Killer For Plants

If you have yards then you should also create a shield for crickets to come and attack your plants by using insect killer sprays that are made only for the yards or plants.

How to Get Rid of Crickets?


How To Get Rid Of Crickets Naturally. In this article, you have learned some of the preventives to prevent crickets from coming into the premises of your home and you have also learned some natural methods to prevent their infestation.

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