How to get rid of Drugstore Beetles

How to get rid of Drugstore Beetles. Drugstore beetles are approximately 1/10-1/8 inches in length. The drugstore beetles are brownish-red insects that invade areas with opened food packaging.

In the household, they consume pantry foods and bread such as crackers, popcorn and food products, pasta, dried fruits, and even pet food.

In any part of the world, this particular problem is common in drugstores or pharmacies, but mostly in residential homes where there are foods left out that they can consume in a constant environment of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to get rid of Drugstore Beetles

how to get rid of drugstore beetles

You can get rid of the drugstore beetle problem by identifying their food source and removing that. Get everything out of your pantry, and then remove everything.

Vacuum the food storage areas and then scrub the shelves with a cleaning solution. Use pheromone traps to keep them from returning.

Make your homemade traps by putting some apple cider vinegar in a saucer nearby. The drugstore beetle is a different type from the biscuit beetle and cigarette beetle.

Clean your Pantry

Before you treat your pantry or food storage space, you will want to remove everything you have stored foods in your cabinets.

Vacuum the area and wipe it down with a damp cloth, paying extra attention to the corners. Make sure your shelves are free of dust and debris to prevent harmful spores or mold growth.

Apply Water and Vinegar

Make sure all cracks and crevices on your shelves are cleaned thoroughly. Mix vinegar and water 50/50, so mix enough to do the job.

It is recommended that there is no breathing in of the aerosol for at least 30 minutes prior to the treatment process, so make sure you move important food items out of the room.

Using Pheromone Traps

using pheromone traps

Invite Multi-Insect Lure attracts, catches, and eliminates drugstore beetles. It will also attract adult drugstore beetle moths.

If you are trying to get rid of food pests like drugstore beetles in your kitchen or pantry, you can place the Invite anywhere.

We recommend buying a moth pheromone trap like the Pantry Patrol Trap if you’re trying to catch or eliminate moths.

Maintain Airtight Containers for Food

Keep dry food in airtight containers. These types of containers offer the benefit of keeping your dry foods safe from pests like drugstore beetles.

The key to using these special containers effectively is ensuring that you properly close the container to ensure a tight seal that will keep out dangerous pests.

Replace Shelf Liners or Clean them

Drugstore beetles can be found in your cupboards and food boxes. Their favorite hiding places are the paper shelf liners you keep in your closets, cupboards, and cabinets.

These can easily be cleaned with warm climates and water or bleach. Using your dishwasher on its high heat setting along with bleach should kill off any larvae or lay eggs. You can also replace damaged liners with new ones if you are extra cautious.

Infested Food Disposal

infested food disposal

Food kept in open containers must be properly disposed of since it may be infested items with drugstore beetles, which can be hard to notice in large quantities.

It isn’t harmful to eat these insects, but knowing they are in your food could make most people sick.

You must also throw out all foods stored in wearables, such as plastic containers or paper bags.

Drugstore beetle infestation

There are dangers associated with home remedies for drugstore beetles, whether they are infesting your business or home. You must hire a professional pest control company to effectively eradicate drugstore beetle infestations and prevent harm to your business, home, or family.

Pet food

In addition to pantry foods such as crackers, popcorn products, pasta, dried fruits, and even pet food, they also consume bread beetles and pantry items in the household.


Can drugstore beetles bite?

Adult and larval drugstore beetles are not venomous. They are small and do not transmit or carry disease.

If you encounter one of these little creatures, you would not worry.

Can drugstore beetles be harmful?

Drugstore beetles are not harmful to pets or humans, but they can be extremely irritating.

The drug store beetle attracts attention primarily for producing eggs and leaving behind urine after eating pet and dry foods in high concentrations.


How to get rid of Drugstore Beetles. Drugstore Beetles are a common pest problem during the warmer regions months. These small beetles enter through open windows and doors and can be difficult to spot.

Their small size makes them difficult to kill, but with the help of a professional, you can get rid of the beetles and prevent them from coming back.

We hope the tips above can help you get rid of drugstore beetles in your home.

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