How to get rid of Garter Snakes

How to get rid of Garter Snakes. Garter snakes are estimated to have 35 species. There are many colors of stripes on these snakes, including red, gray, orange, yellow, and green. Some garter snakes do not have stripes.

Garter snakes cannot chew venom since they lack fangs; they subdue their prey exclusively with poisonous saliva. Occasionally, some people may be allergic to the environment secreted by snakes.

However, even though garter snakes do not bite in an aggressive manner or deliberately, they are still capable of injuring your pets and causing infections if they are not treated in time, for this reason, bites from these reptiles require special treatment.

How to get rid of Garter Snakes

how to get rid of garter snakes

To reduce snake hiding places, trim back overgrown landscaping and mow underbrush.

If you want to prevent them from eating your home, and remove sources of bugs and rodents, you may need to use ruthless methods such as poison and traps.

Some natural remedies are also recommended. It is believed that cats keep snakes away due to the fact that they hunt them. Garlic along your property edge is another good deterrent.

Cut the Grass and Trim the Bushes

If you are trying to get rid of garter snakes in your yard, you should mow it regularly and trim your bushes.

This will make it much harder for the snakes to find a place to hide and will make it easier for you to see them.

Remove all sources of food

remove all sources of food

In order to get rid of snakes from your property, one of the best things you can do is to take care of their food source.

Replacing mice, rats, insects, birds, and even fish will keep snakes out of your yard.

Using Snake Traps

A store-bought snake trap can be used to humanely capture and secure a snake.

When you catch the snake, you should move it away from your home so that it won’t endanger anyone nearby.

Another option for releasing snakes is to use glue boards. 

Apply Natural Repellents

Snakes don’t like vinegar or deodorant. Spraying a mixture of these around your home’s perimeter can help kill bugs that attract snakes.

It will make certain flowers, grasses and plants smell like enemies to snakes when they come near.

Consider the Natural Predators

Some animals, such as cats, turkeys, foxes, raccoons, and guinea hens, are natural predators of snakes. Keep these animals on your property to avoid snakes.

A suburban or rural area, however, has a variety of shops selling synthetically brewed fox urine to repel garter snakes.

Using Smoke

using smoke

The smell of smoke is a good way to scare snakes away, so digging a fire pit and letting it smoke will do the trick.

When a snake smells ash gasses, he becomes vulnerable and runs away.

Garlic and Onions

Garlic, onions, and salt are known to be effective against Snakes, mice, or rats. Make a mixture of these three things, garlic, onions, and rock salt in the volume ratio of 1:1:3.

Make sure you keep the mixture in glass jars with tight lids so it can’t spill once you apply this homemade repellent in places where are the snakes infestation.


How do you kill snakes around your house?

Ammonia can be sprayed around snake infestations to control them. You can also leave a soaked cloth in an unsealed plastic bag near any area where snakes live to deter them.

What will deter snakes?

Using natural remedies that may discourage snakes may be of benefit if you have noticed an increase in snakes surrounding your property.

Put cinnamon oil or vinegar on the bottom of entryways or around your property perimeter to repel snakes.

How do Get Rid of Garter Snakes?


How to get rid of Garter Snakes. The Garter snake is common in the United States, but unlike other snakes, it is not venomous. But you don’t want them in your yard or house. Snakes can grow up to 4 feet long and bite.

However, Garter snakes are usually harmless and will usually flee if you approach them. You can remove garter snakes in several ways.

The information and research in this blog are aimed at helping you if you have a garter snake infestation. If the snakes are a danger to your children or pets, contact a wildlife control company for help.

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