How To Get Rid Of Maggots In House

How To Get Rid Of Maggots In House. One morning I got up and then after washing my face properly I went to the kitchen for making my breakfast, after a couple of minutes I noticed a creamed white color worms with no legs with it crawling on the surface of the kitchen, they were quite a few and when I got closer to them I learned they were maggots.

Honestly saying it was one of the worst experience for me to see these worms called maggots and lets not forget it was hot day then so I got to saw them in summer season.

You definitely not going to appreciate to have them in your premises and you definitely would wish to get rid of these maggots.

Having maggots in your home is last thing you want to make your home look unpleasant to every on looker and besides it has also the potential to adulterate your food, so in that way having them in your home by all mean is unacceptable. Question is then how to get rid of them and what are they?

In this article first I’ll be discussing with you that what maggots actually are and how to get rid of them from your house so that when you see them next time in your home you don’t panic. It’s time for you to own them now.

How To Get Rid Of Maggots In House

how to get rid of maggots in house

What are maggots?

You want to know it for sure but before you should be asking methods to get rid of them, you should be asking first that what exactly these crawling warms maggots are?

Below I will be shedding some light on what these warms actually are.

Larvae of flies

Many people have an assumption that flies are from the very beginning of their life are like what we see that is indeed not true because like every species on earth flies have also their development stages.

These maggots are actually flies but in the very initial stage of their lives called larvae.

No legs

Flies in their first development stage are called larvae and at that time they do not have legs with them hence you will see them crawling. As an alternative to mouth for feeding purpose they have two tiny hooks on them.

Tough summer and spring

You will hardly see any fly or maggot during winter, however they will be very problematic for you in the season of summer and spring.



It takes a gap of 5 to 6 days for maggot to develop into second phase called pupae and then it fill finally turns into adult fly you see commonly in environment.

Feed on rotten food

Fly be it in its adult stage or in larvae stage of its development, is attracted to rotten and decomposed food.

They are in your home because they have sense the presence of rotten or any decomposed food in your kitchen trash bin or trash can.

How To Get Rid Of Maggots

Now once you know what they actually are you must be knowing how to get rid of maggots easily and with not much time. Below I’ll be discussing few methods with you that will assist you in getting rid of these nuisances.

  • Sanitize Your Home

sanitize your home

Once you know there are maggots in your home then you also have an idea of many flies, so situation is lot more serious and to deal with it you must sanitize that place where you usually see flies.

It would be lot better if you sanitize your entire home for your own good, but if you can’t then at maximally take your time to sanitize your kitchen because usually, that’s the place where you usually have rotten and decomposed food thrown in the garbage can.

  • Salt And Water

Get in some water and add lot of water in it. Once the mixture is done then get the maggots in the mixture which would dehydrate to kill them.

Once they are dead now you can but them in some bag and clean that place where you saw them and also throw the bag out of the home as quickly you can.

  • Boiling Water

boiling water

Take a gallon of water and put it on boil until it becomes steaming hot. Pour this steaming hot water on them, it would kill them instantly.

There are chances that you would be in need to repeat this process in order to kill all the maggots in garbage bin.

  • Vinegar And Water

Take one glass of water and with add a few drops of vinegar in it and then expose this mixture directly to the crawling worms.

Once you have poured down the mixture on them then wait for period of an hour to kill them. You can clear that area after throwing them to a safe place outside your home.

How to Get Rid of Maggots?


How To Get Rid Of Maggots In House. In this article you have learned what exactly white colored crawling worms are ,why they are in your home and how to kill them easily and quickly.

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