How to get rid of mice in kitchen cabinets

How to get rid of mice in kitchen cabinets. If you hear a mouse scratching in your kitchen cabinet or anywhere else in your house, it’s possible, your kitchen cabinet is damaged.

Mice may enter through gaps and cracks in the wall, floor, or any other location. Mice are attracted to warm places in your home, such as the kitchen cabinets, during cold weather.

Your home can be invaded by mice from any side. The most helpful way to get rid of mice in your kitchen is to clean and seal the area.

Food items can also be sealed in plastic containers or jars. You can also remove mice by trapping them.

But don’t worry in this article, we will discuss some common and very easy methods to get rid of mice in your kitchen cabinet.

How to get rid of mice in kitchen cabinets

how to get rid of mice in kitchen cabinets

It would be wise to remove the uncovered food or seal it. Near the suspected entryway, Dip a cotton ball in peppermint oil.

The mice dislike peppermint as well, so they won’t enter if forced close to it. Below are some ideas to get rid of mice in your kitchen cabinet.

Closure of the kitchen entry points

It might be a good idea to seal your kitchen entryways once you get rid of mice. These mice penetrate your home through small holes in the floor, walls, gas lines, or roof, and they can fit in these tiny holes and take some food items for surviving.

When that happens, you need to check the cabinet, under or behind the stove and another area in your kitchen, then seal every entry point there is. Caulk or foam can be used to seal the holes.

Keep Food Sealed

keep food sealed

A large number of foodstuffs in your kitchen can lead to mice staying there. Taking care to seal food containers and jars after dinner is very important for all households.

Left uncovered any food item in your kitchen cabinet should attract mice.

Clean up the kitchen

The best thing you can do to keep mice out of your kitchen is to keep the floor and stovetop clean every day, especially after cooking.

The trash bin in your home may also allow mice entry when you place food items inside. Do not place the trash bin near your home.

Place traps

place traps

You do not want mice to remain in your kitchen cabinet for a long time. It means that you want them removed immediately.  Traps can be found anywhere. They come in different types.

If you want to get rid of mice in your house quickly, you can use multiple traps and remove them in multiple locations on the same day.

Using deterrents

Apply a special repellent to your kitchen cabinet in order to make it less attractive to mice. If peppermint is placed in drawers and cupboards of cabinets, it may prevent mice from getting into them.

You might be able to stop mice by soaking the cotton ball in peppermint oil and placing it in the kitchen cabinet.

Mothballs are another way to expel mice from a kitchen cabinet. The smell of the mothballs causes mice to flee the cabinet very quickly.

Use dryer sheets

Stack dryer sheets where you see the hole where mice can enter, so they can’t get access into your kitchen cabinet through scented dryer sheets.

Our Smart Solutions

our smart solutions

It is a little-known fact that mice dislike the smell of onions. Try placing some onion on the counter. When it begins to grow musty through, check and replace them after some time.

The odor of the used cat litter could keep mice away from your kitchen cabinets. It is similar to the odor of their natural predators.

The method is not normal, but you can apply it by combining plaster with cocoa powder and putting it anywhere in your kitchen where mice can easily reach it.

The mixture will harden in their stomachs, and kill them quickly.


Does vinegar get rid of mice?

White vinegar and cotton balls are effective ways to mice repellents. This vinegar can be quite aggressive. As a result, it can repel mice.

Does peppermint spray keep mice away?

Peppermint oil is thought to be a very effective mouse repellent since mice have a very sensitive sense of smell in high concentrations.

How to Keep Mice out of Kitchen Drawers?


How to get rid of mice in kitchen cabinets. Mice can make keeping your kitchen cabinets free of unwanted pests extremely challenging. Keep food scraps out of your kitchen.

They may deter mice. Homemade traps can also be made. Hopefully above in our post, you found better solutions and methods to keep mice out of the kitchen cabinets. Thanks for reading.

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