How to get rid of shrews

How to get rid of shrews. In spite of their cute looks, shrews would not be a good addition to your family. Although they are not rodents like rats, they are still pests nonetheless. You might feel attacked if you are provoked by them.

In some cases, people drown shrews to get rid of them, but their guts will spill everywhere. The best way to eliminate shrews is to use poison baits or traps placed near their burrows so that they have no choice but to go back out in the wild.

How to get rid of shrews

how to get rid of shrews

Make sure you keep them from having free rein over your property by building more of those shrew-hospitable shelters they enjoy and by making sure they stay far away from your garden.

Pick up leaves and other woody debris that could provide shelter. All bricks and wood stacks should be moved into a garage, and all windows should be shuttered.

Regularly mow your lawn. Trim back overgrown bushes as much as you can.

Regularly mowing Yard

Tallgrass is a great hiding place for shrews, so you must keep it trimmed. Mow your lawn to ensure that there are no weeds or long grass.

Removing fallen leaves

Do you know where shrew burrows can be found? Keep your lawn and garden clean and neat in order to locate it.

Remove fallen leaves and foliage that may have blocked the entrance to the underground burrow by tidying your garden.

Trim overgrown shrubs

trim overgrown shrubs

By removing fallen leaves and shrubs you will reduce the food supply insects need to survive.

Cutting back tree limbs, in particular, contributes to the survival of animals such as shrews.

Keeping your garden insect-free

When you are in your garden, do you ever notice how annoying bugs, such as worms, beetles, and different creepy crawlies, seem to run straight toward you? There is a reason for this.

Shrews are primarily attracted to these elements. Eliminating these pests once and for all requires getting rid of what attracts them.

Placing Traps

placing traps

Traps are the best method for getting rid of shrews. After finding the animal’s nest, set up a trap according to instructions and wait two to three days.

It is safe to assume that their poison will either kill them or cause them to leave your house without a trace.

CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps

This is the perfect solution to ensure that your family, pets, or food are not harmed by even the smallest of these creepy critters. After the problem is resolved, CaptSure traps can be easily removed.

The easiest way to start trapping skew is to place a couple of pieces of cheese (or similar bait) inside of it before it starts to work. Regularly check back and you’ll soon notice the strong smell attracting shrews everywhere.

Victor Easy Set Mouse Traps

When you need to figure out getting rid of shrews, Victor Mouse Traps are a great choice. Victor Mouse Traps are a great addition to your backyard tool shed if your lawn is infested with mice.

Like all standard mouse traps, the Victor Mouse Trap works in the same way. After smelling cheese, the shrew enters the trap and gets trapped.

Prevention Tips

prevention tips

The best way to get rid of any pests like shrews that might be trying to get in is by scooping a perimeter around all the regularly visited areas of your property.

In this way, you will give yourself enough space to make sure your fence is free of any holes that could allow predators like squirrels, shrews, and other potentially harmful creatures such as insects into your yard.


Does any scent repel shrews?

A ready-made option, such as the Havahart Critter Ridder, can be used. Spray on unwanted animals but do not use animal feed or water. Ready-to-use animal repellent spray.

Pest repellents like moles, shrews, and ants suffer from respiratory problems caused by this solution, which contains pepper and capsicum.

Does castor oil repel shrews?

Peppermint and castor oil do not appeal to rats. The essential oil of peppermint is often used as a household remedy.

It may ease muscular aches and pains, ease stomach discomfort, and help you breathe better during a cold or flu.

Additionally, rats, mice, chipmunks, and other rodents will avoid anything that smells strongly of peppermint or castor oil, so it acts as a repellent against them as well.

How do Get Rid of Shrews?


How to get rid of shrews. Shrews are small mammals that are closely related to moles. They are found anywhere in the world. It is known to prey on small animals such as mice and rats, so it is not universally liked.

Shrews are not the only pest in people’s homes. Most people have problems with shrews, and the best way to deal with them is to discover what attracts them in the first place. In this article, you will learn more about the topic.

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