How to get rid of thrips in house

How to get rid of thrips in house. Thrips are small and slim insects. They have a unique mouthpart that is asymmetrical. Most of the thrips feed on plants and trees.

Though there are predator thrips also available in the species. They feed on plants by puncturing or making holes in them. They later suck the contents of the plant or trees. Being insects they also make part of the kingdom Animalia.

Mostly thrips enter your house through the plants you brought inside from the outside like your garden. They may also come through the vegetables you brought from the market or even your own garden.

They are most likely to enter through plants. And they also actually enter for the plants. They just want a meal for themselves. Most thrips are actually parasites.

They feed on plants and even make it their habitat by reproducing in the plants and the holes they made in plants. They are really hard to spot as they are supposedly very small.

If we want to express their size through a symbol. It will just be the size of a full stop which is put at the end of the sentence.

How to get rid of thrips in house

how to get rid of thrips in house

Thrips can be very annoying as they will ruin your house so getting rid of them is probably best for you. Getting rid of thrips is not an easy task but it is not impossible either.

We can get rid of them with the help of different methods. They are listed down below.

Garlic as repellent

garlic as repellent

Garlic is also a natural way of repelling thrips. Garlic when absorbed by plants doesn’t only repel thrips but also other bugs and insects.

The only downside of using garlic is that it is slow as It takes about a week to be absorbed by the plant. And also needs to be applied before the invasion of the thrips.

Soap and water solution

soap and water solution

It is an easy and effective method when it comes to getting rid of the thrips. You just need to pour some soap into the water and make a solution.

Then put it in a sprayer and spray it on the plant. The spray will prove quite effective you should spray it on the whole plant. But before that check the type of plant.

As some plants are allergic to soap They might die so be sure to test a small fraction of the soap on a little area of the plant if it does not give any reaction you are good to go.

Sticky tapes

Rapping the sticky tape around your plants is another way of protecting your plants in the house. Moving through sticky tapes the thrips will get stuck and eventually die.

This is effective as the thrips enter your house through plants. If the plants are thrips free your house will be thrips free as well.

Neem as oil

neem as oil

Neem in oil form is a great way to get rid of the thrips as it is eco-friendly as well as a good repellent. So if you put neem oil in places you consider to be the spots of thrips.

You will be easily able to get rid of them. For this, you only need about two to three drops of oil in water and just spray it around.

It will make your house smell good while also repelling the thrips and get rid of them from your house or any other place you used it.


The use of instruments or rather devices such as vacuums has proven to be beneficial to us.

We just need a small and portable vacuum and just suck the thrips in with its help. That will get rid of the thrips as they will have no way to hide.



They are very useful when it comes to getting rid of insects as that is their actual purpose. You can use it directly or even indirectly.

They are available in different mediums. They can be used in liquid form.

They can be used as sprays. They can also be used in solid form as balls or other shapes.

How to Get Rid of Thrips?


How to get rid of thrips in house. We have reached the conclusion that getting rid of thrips is not difficult as people make it out to be. It only requires certain methods which are easy and efficient as well.

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