How to get rid of Wood Roaches

How to get rid of Wood Roaches. It seems that wood roaches look very similar to American cockroaches. They share a light brown color and long legs. Their size varies from 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches as adults, although they are smaller than the American roach.

The wings of wood roaches extend from just above their heads to their abdomens, in addition to their oval bodies. Wood cockroaches also have wings that are paler than their bodies.

The roaches prefer to live in deadwood. The insects usually live in decaying trees, hollowed-out stumps, and piles of wood.

Wood roaches can enter houses if there is an opening that is not sealed tightly enough, as they are attracted to light when they are looking for food.

How to get rid of Wood Roaches

how to get rid of wood roaches

You can try to keep wood cockroaches away from your home. The easiest way to do this is by avoiding contact with firewood altogether and preventing them from entering through other means as well.

The best way to do that is by using sweeps on your doors, including your garage door, and by keeping small cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home sealed up, including entrances into your house through the windows.

Clear Away Debris and Clutter

Our insects come in all shapes and sizes, but most insects need moisture to thrive.  Pests that may be found hiding out in mulch/weeds/boxes include wood roaches. For example, cockroaches like to hide under thick layers of mulch and matting plants.

Make sure to rake up any piles of fallen leaves and twigs the bugs might take shelter underneath before you know it they will be taking shelter inside and not just the way you’d hope.

This is a great opportunity to get all of those tasks you set aside for next weekend finally done and start enjoying your summer.

Fill holes and cracks

fill holes and cracks

Look for any holes in the walls that could allow bugs to enter. Check for cracks on the outside of your home and make sure there aren’t any gaps around your plumbing, wiring, windows, doors, or foundations.

To keep bugs and other pests out of your home, you can use expanding foam or copper mesh.

Using Dish Soap and Water

Soap and water are great at repelling bugs like roaches, as well as many other pests like mosquitoes. Mix up a solution of liquid dish soap to keep it handy in your kitchen so you and your family can stay bug-free.

It’s important that everyone in the family, including you, know how to avoid these dangerous attacks by keeping safe with simple liquid dish soap and water solutions that you can make yourself anytime with only a few drops of this amazingly helpful soap.

Put Sticky Traps Inside

Setting sticky traps will be very useful in helping you narrow down the area where the bugs may be coming in and hiding.

Chemical Spray

chemical spray

Diatomaceous earth (DE) can be used as a natural product that’s safe around humans and pets. It isn’t harmful to them.

If you want to get rid of wood roaches without chemicals, try this powder.

If you’re looking for long-lasting protection from pests that won’t be in danger from the elements, then try using Delta Dust which has been reported to retain its quality long after it has been applied.

Using Essential Oils

By adding five to ten drops of any essential oil of your choice to two cups of water, you can make a homemade wood roach spray. Keep your yard and the perimeter of your home sprayed often to repel pests.


What makes wood roaches so attractive?

Cockroaches are attracted to light. At night they seek a dark, damp place to hide. Usually, they will try to stay under the sink or countertop.

If you see one hiding in a closet, pantry, or cupboard that doesn’t have heavy movement of activity throughout the day, then it is best you find out what is attracting them there and solve the problem.

Do smells keep roaches at bay?

They use their sense of smell to find food. Try thyme, citrus, basil, or mint, or go for a pesticide-free alternative like citronella.

How do Get Rid of Wood Roaches?


How to get rid of Wood Roaches. Wood Roaches are among the most common roach species in the United States. They typically live in wooded areas, hiding in crevices and cracks in trees and other wood-framed structures.

They are often called “wood roaches” because they prefer wood. They can be a real problem in the home and can quickly spread if left unattended. The above steps can be followed to get rid of wood roaches.

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