How to hold a champagne glass

How to hold a champagne glass. At a party, champagne can be both an elegant centerpiece and a fun, fizzy companion. The way you hold your champagne is just as important as how you chill, store, and pour it.

Hold the champagne glass stem about 1/2 inches away from the base. The glass can also be held by the rim if this grip is not possible or if you desire more control.

Here is a guide to holding a champagne glass correctly. After you learn how to hold it, you can sip champagne at any time.

How to hold a Champagne glass

how to hold a champagne glass

Champagne bottles should be opened and filled with champagne. Press down firmly on the stem with four fingers. Do not touch the glass’ bottom.

If you are not drinking, rest the stem between your pinky and ring fingers while tilting your wrist.

Champagne Glass Types

It is possible to choose from three types of champagne glasses: flutes, coupes, and tulips.  . People like champagne flutes because they look fancy.

It is best to drink champagne from tulip glasses since the tall shape allows for the scent and bubbles to fully develop.

Using a champagne coupe can cause the champagne to froth over and spill over, but it is usually too shallow. Instead, hold it by the stem.

Put Champagne in Your Glass

After carefully opening the bottle of champagne, fill your glass 3/4 full with champagne. It is important not to overfill the glass in order for the bubbles to be lively.

Pour the champagne down the side rather than into the bottom of the glass. As a result, the carbonation in the champagne is preserved, making the glass less foamy.

By the Stem

by the stem

Hold the stem of the glass tightly with your thumb and four fingers. On one side should be the fingers and on the other the thumbs. Hold the glass with both hands.

Your thumb and first finger should receive most of the pressure. If you want to make sure the glass doesn’t tip, you need to keep your fingers from putting too much pressure on them.

Pressing down with your bottom three fingers can damage a flute, especially one with a fine stem.

Avoid Touching the Glass’s Base

Do not touch the glass base. Touching it will warm the champagne. About 5 inches down on the stem is the best place to grip the stem because this will prevent warmth from entering the champagne.

Rotate Your Wrist

rotate your wrist

You can sip champagne by holding the glass to your lips and tilting your wrist slightly.

When using a champagne glass for the first time, you should take your first few sips slowly until you feel comfortable.

Rest the Glass Stem

While not drinking, you can keep the glass from falling by holding it between your pinky and ring finger.

The look and feel of this grip are elegant and refined, but your fingers come too close to the glass.

You should only use this resting grip if you need to make a gesture or if you need to concentrate.


How should I hold a champagne glass?

Your thumb and two fingers should be on opposite ends of the coupe’s rim. When you touch the glass bowl with your hands, your ring and little finger will hover near the edge.

Keep your palm away from the rim of the glass and use all of your fingers to hold it securely.

What types of champagne glasses are there?

To celebrate, champagne coupes, flutes, and tulips are all good champagne glasses. There are some things you need to know about champagne’s origins, both in terms of how it should be consumed and how it should be served.

How To Hold Champagne Glass Correctly?


How to hold a champagne glass. Champagne’s taste can be affected by how you hold its glass. Too much heat can change the flavor of your drink.

Furthermore, incorrectly holding your champagne glass can leave greasy fingerprints on it. This is an unsightly practice. You’ll impress all your friends and colleagues if you hold your glass correctly.

Your friends will be impressed once you become adept at holding a champagne glass correctly.

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