How to keep birds from pooping on your car

How to keep birds from pooping on your car. Birds poop on cars when they see their reflection like your car’s paint. All birds can poop in mid-air while flying, they may not realize their target is actually a car, which means it could arrive in a random pattern.

Several species of birds build their nests right on top of cars, so parking under a tree that has already begun growing above your car can also cause a problem.

Seeds are consumed by other species, so when birds use the restroom, their waste will contain seeds and other non-organic materials that attack your car and cause splattering.

How to keep birds from pooping on your car

how to keep birds from pooping on your car

There are a number of ways you can deter birds from making your newly washed car a home. One option is to invest in a cover.

Covers are effective and inexpensive, though they look silly. You should also avoid trees, buildings, and obstacles if possible when parking your vehicle so as not to attract birds in the first place.

If you have mirrors on the side of your vehicle, you can cover them with bird deterrents like CDs or decals as well.

Cover your car

cover your car

Cars that are parked undercover do not attract birds, but when a bird poop on it, whether there is a cover or not, the bird droppings cling to the top surface.

It is easy to remove a textile cover, which protects your car from bird droppings and does not require washing. In cases where your vehicle is parked for a long time, this solution won’t prevent scratches.

Cover the side mirrors

Seeing their reflections clearly inside mirrors is compelling for birds, so they like to hang out there. Some birds poop everywhere when they sit on the interiors of side mirrors thinking of all the other birds around them that are free.

If you are going to cover your interior with plastic wrap, wax paper, cloth, or cardboard, you need to do so when the vehicle is parked off course, not when it is in motion.

Keep away from trees and buildings

keep away from trees and buildings

When parking next to a tree, you might notice bird poop on your car since they like to perch on nearby structures, such as cars and buildings.

Many birds sit directly on top of or across from buildings, increasing the likelihood of them pooping on you as they fly overhead. So Don’t park your car under any tree, regardless of its size.

Rubber deterrents are useful

To prevent birds from pooping on your car, there are a few things that you can try. One, you could put up a fake snake near the car to scare any birds who might be flying nearby.

Two, you could feed cats or leave out bowls of fresh milk in an effort to keep them away from pooping on your vehicle, and finally, three, draw attention to the existence of raptors (birds of prey) around your home or office with various posters and references in the hopes that it will keep smaller bird species away.

All things added together will help to deter the birds from bothering you again.

Hang up old CDs

hang up old cds

Using CDs on computers is no longer relevant, but optical discs can keep birds away from cars.

You can hang them in your parking lot with a rope the old-fashioned way.

Using the reflective surface, their reflections will draw birds to their splendor rather than scare them away by appearing like predators or something else threatening, so they will leave the parking lot alone.


Is reflective tape scary to birds?

If you’re looking for a bird control method that’s safe, effective, and easy to maintain, then look no further than reflective tape. The way it works is by using sound and light to deter them.

Does Peppermint oil deter birds?

Pests dislike the smell of peppermint. Birds breathe through very small holes inside their nostrils, called “spiracles,” and can’t handle peppermint oil because it is so strongly scented.

How To Remove Bird Poop?


How to keep birds from pooping on your car. In this blog post, we have discussed a few different methods for getting rid of bird poop on your car.

With these tips, we hope you are able to get rid of bird poops from your car and keep it in good condition. We are happy to assist you with any of these bird removal techniques if you have any problems.

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