How To Keep Spiders Off Porch

How To Keep Spiders Off Porch. The most common mistake we make is to take spiders as insects but they are actually not insects.

Spiders belong to arthropods and are called arachinds and there is a difference between insects and arachinds as insects have six legs, most insects have wings and they consist of three main body parts while spiders consist of two body segments, eight legs and no antenna or wings.

That’s how arthopods differ from insectas. So as now we know how to distinguish them lets us move forward and talk more about spiders. Spiders as arachnids are further divided into different kinds or types.

The most common type of spiders are House spiders, Jumping spider, wolf spider and black widow. They can be commonly seen crawling here and there.

How To Keep Spiders Off Porch

how to keep spiders off porch

Why I said porch is because it is the entrance of your house if the spider can’t get in through the porch it won’t have a lot of ways to enter your house.

Let’s talk about how to keep the spiders away from your porch or rather your whole house.

Methods To Keep Spiders Away From Your House

  • Peppermint spray

Refreshing your porch or whole house with peppermint spray made at home or bought at store.

By using the peppermint spray it will help you resist the spider as peppermint is considered to be a natural insecticide even though I mentioned above that the spiders are not actually insects but still they do not seem to like peppermint at all in fact they actually stay from it.

  • Vinegar method

White vinegar is another way of keeping spiders away from the porch of your house. As vinegar is made up of acetic acid which is harmful to spiders the mere aroma of vinegar keeps the spiders away.

  • Citrus


Citrus can also keep spiders away from your porch and your house this is due the simple fact that citrus contains acetic acid and like I mentioned before spiders’ hate everything that contains acetic acid as it is very harmful to them.

  • Keeping your house clean

Keeping you house clean and organizing your things which you use in daily life and also the things you do not use in daily is good way to prevent spiders.

Things like dust and dirt attract spiders a lot but if the places are kept clean regularly then spiders won’t come around your place much.

  • Pets


Another way to keep the spiders from invading you house is keeping a pet at your house for example get a cat it will chase around everything that moves and the spider will run away.

  • Conkers

We can also the keep the spiders away using conkers. Conkers are a kind of nuts but they can not be eaten as there as poisonous so they are a great way to get rid of the spiders from your porch this will also keep them from entering your house.

  • Lights

Turning of the lights can also indirectly keep spiders away. If you turn off your lights outdoor the insects won’t be attracted and as insects are favorite meal of spiders so no insects will be equal to no spiders.

  • Cracks

If there are any cracks in your house they will become the path to spiders for entering your house the main place is your porch so to keep them away you should seal all the cracks so that spiders can’t enter through them.

  • Lavender


The smell of lavender also keeps the spiders away as. Lavender might smell very delightful to us but in the of spiders not so much. Spiders actually hate the smell of Lavender.

This is due to the fact that their senses are very different from us and what we love might be hateful to them lavender is one of example.

So just spray a little bit of lavender here and there in your porch and that’s all you need the spiders won’t even come near your porch. It is an effective and proven method.

  • Cleaning your backyard and Garden

Keeping your garden or backyard clean is also helpful in keeping spiders way from your porch or house.

How to Keep Spiders Off a Porch?


How To Keep Spiders Off Porch. From the above theory and the reasoning within we can conclude why should we keep spiders away and how should we keep the spiders away from entering our premises not only that we also learned the fact that spiders are not insects.

The harmful effects that a mere small creature can cause with that we can get the answer to our question which was ”How to keep spiders away from your porch” and the answer is in the article above.

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