How To Kill Carpenter Ants In A Tree

How To Kill Carpenter Ants In A Tree. Summer season has just come and with its some comforts and discomforts. We will be discussing one of the discomfort today and that is none but infestation of ants in premises of your home.

Though they are not harmful to your health you don’t like to see them walking on a trail in your home.

When you look at them first time they all look the same but when you give a proper look at them you see all ants have little bit of difference in them, like they are different in size, some have wings while some of them make their nest for infestation in woods.

This article will be discussing types of ants that are not good for wooden furniture of your home and tree, these ants are known as carpenter ants that are often confused with termites.

Garden of your home and tree in garden definitely adds to the beauty of your home, but what if you someday see a trail of carpenter ants near the base of your tree?  Are you going to like the withered leaves on your trees?

We are sure you would not like it at all and you would like to kill them or get rid of them as soon as possible before they make serious damage to the tree in your home.

How To Kill Carpenter Ants In A Tree

how to kill carpenter ants in a tree

This article is being written from the point of view to guide all of our honorable readers on some of the very natural and reasoning-based methods to kill and get rid of these colonies of carpenter ants.

What are carpenter ants?

Understanding carpenter is must before you learn to kill them or get rid of them. To understand them its best we understand difference between termite and themselves.

Most people tend to confuse them with termites because they both are seen around decayed woods, while they are different because termites eat the wood it doesn’t make the nest in woods while carpenter ants only make their nest in the wood, they don’t eat the wood.

Infested tree signs

Before you go on to kill or get rid of carpenter ants be sure whether or not your tree is infested with them? Following signs help you in this

Trails of ants

If you see a trail of ants in your garden then be sure that your tree is in danger of infestation or already infested.

Ants in base

You will see some ants moving around the base of the tree then don’t doubt, they have a nest there in the tree.

Withered leaves

withered leaves

Withered leaves are also one of the sign of infestation of tree.

How to kill and get rid of carpenter ants?

Following easy tricks will help you get these ants killed easily with not much expense of time.

Spray insect powder

spray insect powder

One of the most easiest trick to kill these ants is to spray the insect killer powder on all over the tree because they would come out from their nest out of urge for search for their food.

When ants would come out from nest then powder would react with their body in a manner that it would kill them.

When it rains then you have to spray it again because drop of rains wipe out the powder.

Bait and boiling water

Get two gallons of water boiled on full temperature and once you have boiled them up to limit of steaming hot temperature, then go to the base of the tree and put some sweet stuff near it, which will lure carpenter out to come out from their nest because they are attracted to sweet.

As soon as they come out from their nest pour in the steaming hot water on them so that it reaches every ant and kill it.

Make sure you have someone else too helping you in this, because these ants are too quick to get back to their nest,so one or two more people are require to destroy their nest meanwhile you pour on steaming hot water on them.

Bait of peanut butter

bait of peanut butter

Take 2 tables spoon of peanut butter and 1 tables spoon of borax and mix it well in the tepid water. Put some cotton balls in the mixture and let it soak.

As soon as these cotton balls get soaked up then put it in near their nest that is on tree.

They will be lured by it and when they eat it the borax in mixture would react adversely on their digestion system and a result they will die within 1 to 2 days.

Professional Help

If these methods still are not sufficient to get you desired result then you must get the professional help as soon as possible before situation of the tree get worst from worse.

How to Kill Carpenter Ants?


How To Kill Carpenter Ants In A Tree. In this article you have learned there are various types of ants, not just one, their variety depends on their different size and structures some have wings as well and some of them make nest in woods.

Ants that make their nest in the woods are called carpenter ants. You have also learned some of the signs that give you surety that your tree is infested and you also have some idea of some natural methods to kill these carpenter ants on your own.

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