How To Kill Fleas In Carpet

How To Kill Fleas In Carpet. You do have pets in your home which is something good but when it’s summer season you do better have good care of them because many times they are host to not appreciated tiny bugs in your home.

These bugs are harmful to the upholstery and carpet of your home. Carpets in every home add to the beauty of your home, you do love to see carpets well in order to give good looks to your bedroom but how are you going to feel when you see tiny bugs called moving on your carpet?

It would be indeed a worry for you because these insects reside in the fiber of your upholstery and carpets so it can be damaging for them.

You would also feel a little threatened by their presence because you fear their infestation on the carpet. You do want to kill them or get rid of them but you have no idea how can you get rid of them hence you can worry a lot.

This article is being written from the point of guiding all of you readers to some easy steps to kill or get rid of these bugs so that next time you see you don’t panic but take the steps to own them before they grow stronger in your home which definitely would be unpleasant for you.

How To Kill Fleas In Carpet

how to kill fleas in carpet

Following steps might be useful for you in killing and getting rid of fleas in carpet.

Give Proper Care To Pet

As it is already said that fleas comes in premises of your home through your pets, therefore it is of utmost importance for you to give them a proper care and proper treatment.

Because if you proceed with treatment on fleas then there are bright chances of reinfesting, that means you need to repeat the process again so it would be wastage of time for you.

Therefore give a proper care and treatment to your pet first, give them regular bath so that you save a lot of time.

Use A Perfect Flee Bomb

Using a perfect flee bomb? You might be thinking what is perfect flee bomb? Perfect flee bomb is flee bomb that contains Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), by using these flee bombs you not only kill adult fleas but also their eggs.

Keep this in mind that most flees bombs kill only adult fleas in the carpet not eggs because they do not have IGR ingredient (S) Methoprene.

Use Vacuum

use vacuum

Once you are done doing treatment of your home and your pet next thing you must do is to properly vacuum your carpet so that it can kill the fleas residing in it along with its dirt.

The idea behind using combination of flee bomb with IGR ingredient and proper vacuuming is to make sure proper killing of not only adult fleas in the carpet but also their hatched eggs.

After thorough vacuuming make sure you empty the vacuum bag for the next use.

Vacuum Upholstery

Often fleas do get transferred to upholstery in your home which make it quiet easy for them to transfer to carpets therefore it would be wise of you to vacuum you upholstery as well in order to get rid of the adult fleas and their eggs.

Steam Clean Upholstery And Carpet

steam clean upholstery and carpet

Once you have treated your pet and vacuum carpet and upholstery it would be wise of you to wait for a period of weak and after one weak you steam clean your carpet and upholstery. 

Now you can ask why do we need to wait for one weak to steam carpet and upholstery?

It’s because if you would steam both of them instantly after treating your home and vacuuming your carpet and upholstery then it would be risk to undone the effects of fleas bomb with IGR which will contribute to the infestation of fleas.

If you really want to get the desired result then you would need the patience to live with the bad smell of fleas bomb for a period of week. We know it would be tough for you not easy, but this is what you have to do in order to get bigger result.


What kills in fleas in carpet naturally?

As a agent of dehydration salt along with the use of vacuum kill the fleas in carpet naturally. Salt would kill only adult fleas not the eggs of fleas.

How To Get Rid of Fleas?


How To Kill Fleas In Carpet. In this article you have learned that how do these tiny bugs fleas sneak into your home, you know that you need to keep a proper check on your pets because through them these bugs enter in premises of your home.

You also have proper idea of the steps to kill and get rid of them. Main point is that you need to wait for a weak before you steam clean the upholstery and carpet of your home and also fleas bomb should be perfect with IGR ingredient in it to kill adult fleas and eggs both.

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