How to kill Love Bugs

How to kill Love Bugs. Lovebugs are small, but they can be quite dangerous due to their sexual appetites and abilities. Lovebugs make surfaces slippery underfoot, so entire roads may need to be stopped at times to allow them to pass before everyone gets tangled up.

Lovebugs are not considered harmful to humans since they do not bite or sting. Colorful paint, exhaust fumes from cars or lawnmowers, wet paint, and any carbon or methane fume source will attract these animals.

The insects are probably in search of a mate or possibly food for an ant colony. Learn more about dealing with these creatures in the future using this guide.

How to kill Love Bugs

how to kill love bugs

Lovebugs typically reside around doorways and windows. For this kind of environment, one can apply FS MP AEROSOL in order to make quick work of these little pests as well as a long-lasting residual so they won’t return to the area.

Or if you want an organic remedy, try mixing citrus-scented dish soap with water the strong scent of lemon is something lovebugs cannot stand.

In addition, one can get mosquito candles which are very effective in getting rid of these bugs quickly.

Using FS MP Aerosol

Lovebugs gather around windows and doors. With FS MP Aerosol, homeowners could easily keep bugs from getting into their homes and be protected for up to one year against pests that are also coming by the way of windows and doors.

Some Natural Methods

Lovebugs are repelled by citrus, so lighting a citronella candle or using a mixture of lemon-scented soap and mouthwash as a spray can keep the pesky insects away.

If the bugs have entered your home, vacuum up the little buggers and get rid of them in a bag.

Get Rid of loving bugs At Home

In the same way as other flying insects, like bees, lovebugs don’t enjoy strong air currents.

If you have the AC cranked up in your living room and there happens to be a lack of airflow from open windows, chances are your love bugs may find themselves on their way out unless they decide to stay for spite.

Turning up a ceiling fan or using an oscillating fan can make them desirous of leaving.

In the Yard

in the yard

Mow your lawn regularly to prevent pests from having an easy food source and laying eggs in flower beds.

Make sure to remove decaying leaves and pick up sticks and grasses regularly to keep chemicals to a minimum. 

Avoiding Them on Your Car

Make sure your car’s surface is waxed before the season begins. This will make it easier to remove bugs that splatter against your vehicle’s paint.

Lather a little baby oil or spray some cooking quarters on your car’s hood and bumper for better results. Wash regularly. Use dryer sheets to wipe off any splattered insects from sticking to your vehicle’s paint.

Repellent spray

repellent spray

One of the best ways to deter lovebugs is by using a simple mixture of mouthwash and citrus-scented dishwashing liquid.

Mix 3 tablespoons of each of these into a spray bottle with 1 cup of water then simply spray on surfaces where lovebugs like to gather, such as doorways, steps, fences, and other flat surfaces.


Lovebugs can be poisonous?

Mostly, lovebugs are a nuisance. No stings or bites and they carry no diseases. They can cause damage to vehicle paint, however, since they stick themselves to vehicles in areas where they gather in large numbers.

Lovebug infestations last for how long?

A lovebug’s mating season lasts four weeks, and they can be quite pesky during that time. Because they are loud and like to get in cars, where they smash themselves or fly out the windows. 

How do you kill love bugs?


How to kill Love Bugs. There are many different ways to kill love bugs, and while they may seem harmless, they can actually do a lot of damage to your car, truck, or motorcycle.

Throughout this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to kill love bugs so you can protect your vehicle.

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