How To Make A Fence Taller For Privacy

How To Make A Fence Taller For Privacy. Do you want to sit alone in the garden of your home in order to observe some solitude? Some moments of solitude in the greenery of the garden of your home are super cool moments.

Everyone is in dire need of this for their own mental peace which results in good mental health and physical health.

Do you hesitate to spend some time in solitude in the garden because you fear that someone from the other side of the fence of your home may be standing there and talking to someone which results in your disturbance in pin drop silence?

Perhaps you also fear talking to someone in the garden because you feel like someone on the other hand probably listening to your private conversation? This write-up is intended for you to get over this problem.

How To Make A Fence Taller For Privacy

how to make a fence taller for privacy

Here, Our discussion is about fences to create taller for taking privacy for family and mind satisfaction.

Taller Fence Need

We have 3 reasons that do push ourselves to make the boundary walls of our yard taller.

  • Safety From Thefts

Taller fences of homes in most cases do not go well with the burglars trespassing them for their own criminal purposes. Therefore we can say that taller fences in your yard actually prevent financial loss of yours.

  • Pin Drop Silence

Pin drop silence is of utmost significance in the time spent in solitude which indeed contributes to our mental and physical health.

But if you fear someone standing on the other hand of the fence is talking to someone then it definitely contributes to your disturbance that will ruin your solitude hence you would not be able to get the desired end.

This contributes to the reason for having a taller fence so you are able to achieve your desired end and that is inner peace.

  • Enjoy Privacy

enjoy privacy

If you are more than one person sitting in the yard talking with each other and then you realize just on the other side of the yard is a busy family lives there that might be hearing your conversation, in other words, you feel a lack of privacy.

That’s also one reason you need to get a taller fence so you feel you fully own and enjoy the privacy.

Kinds Of Fences

There is more than one kind of fence, so which one do you have?  Because all of them are extended in their own different ways. In this write up we will discuss only wooden fences.

Wooden Fence

wooden fence

In case you have expertise in the skill of carpentry then there is more than one DIY you can easily take to give extension to your wooden fence.

If you own a broad and strong fence that you may deem fit to assist the burden of the added post then you may go on with the following steps.

Make Usage Of The Metal Tie Plate

This strongly and solidly built metal sheet attached to both of your fence and your skywards inclusion for included augmentation is also called a tie strap or mending plate.

Now you have to use the right nails and screws so that you may make the fence more firm and full of durability.

Make Usage Of Metal Fence Post Extender

make usage of metal fence post extender

This is an important sleeve that covers up around your fence post and inclusion for unchallenging height extension.

This is indeed not the easiest of solution but in case your area of fence that you like to extend is short then you must go for it because it is too long lived and uncomplicated fix.

Join Wood Together With A Half Lap Joint

If you are in no doubt in your skills of carpentry, especially the one skill of measuring and cutting then you must put this into your consideration to cut the already present fence and the inclusion into a half lap.

Addition Of Privacy Of Fretwork

After following the above procedures addition of a fretwork screen to the top of your fence would give an awesome and eye-pleasing visual to the onlookers.

Making Fence Taller For Privacy


How To Make A Fence Taller For Privacy. From the discussion, we got one important conclusion and that is that having taller fences in our yards is very important because it minimizes the chances of theft.

It makes us certain that no one is listening to our conversation that takes place in the yard and third that taller fence really makes solitude really happen.

One more conclusion is that yeah there is more than one kind of fence and each of them obviously has its own way to get the extension.

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