How To Make Lemongrass Oil

How To Make Lemongrass Oil. Those who are well aware of lemongrass oil that none of them would ever wish not to make use of their awesome and revitalizing fragrance that helps them to be protected from the mosquitoes and other small insects causing us to enjoy revitalizing feelings and composure after a long tiring and laborious day.

The oil that is extracted from these plants also offers us a great amount of help in healing different diseases that are caused by fungus and redness.

Nevertheless, not everyone is acquainted with the procedure to extract the oil from these plants. This write-up is intended for everyone who wants to extract oil from the said plants in their homes so they can save some time and money.

How To Make Lemongrass Oil

how to make lemongrass oil

What is Lemongrass?

These sturdy plants with their awesome and revitalizing aroma are innately found in the very hot areas of America, Asia, and Africa.

Against a fly called tsetse, it is much more forceful since its fragrance does not go well with this fly.

A lot of essential oil is contained in the leaves and stem of this plant that has the potential to be processed into medicines for troubles related to skin and medicines that are useful in killing bacteria and fungi, medicines that are healers of wounds.

This oil can also be used as a spice in foods. Although the necessary oil extracted from it is not specifically for foods but you can add only a few drops of oil to a teapot.

Hot And Cold Infusion Method

To extract the oil from this plant there are two methods namely the hot infusion method and the cold infusion method, both of them are equally effective. It’s your choice to choose any one of them, both of them require unalike instruments.

Also, note that before you start up with any of the said methods you should know that it can be a vexing experience for your skin. Children should also be kept away while you are extracting oil from the plant.

Cold Infusion Method

Everyone likes to get maximum gain through time economy and not much of the efforts, same for this method.

If you want to extract the oil from this plant in the easiest way without taking much of your time then the cold infusion method is the right option available to you.

This method doesn’t require you to pay a lot of presence and focus for hours, max it requires checking once or twice a day.

Preparation Of Lemongrass Oil

preparation of lemongrass oil

First, make sure that you have to wash the canes fully and then let them dry. In case the canes are still moist then don’t go for the next step because it takes a single drop of water to spoil everything.

You should be sure that the canes are dry and cleansed. Out of available resources take two of the cane and then chop them into small pieces.

Then out of the availability of stock make use of mortar and pestle to make crush them entirely. They will extract you good amount of juice that contains a significant amount of essential oil.

A rolling pin is the best substitute for mortar, so don’t worry if you don’t have mortar. Pour the crushed canes, their extracted juices, and everything in a bottling jar and shelter the mass with some other oil.

Find someplace that you are sure that it gets the light of the sun and heat throughout the day and then put the jar leaving there. Keep the jar there for a maximum of two days.

Now after a period of two days, you have to have a second jar and put an unsized cotton cloth on it so that you can filter the oil from the first jar.

Chop the leftover of canes of lemongrass and then crush them in the same manner as you crushed them previously. Then out them into the oil that is already filtered and then shelter the jar firmly. Now, wait for two days more by placing them in the spot that receives sunlight most.

You may repeat this entire procedure as much as you want until the obtained oil smells intensively sufficient. In the end filtrate the oil and shelter the jar firmly.

Make Lemongrass Oil At Home


How To Make Lemongrass Oil. From the above discussion, every reader who never knew about lemongrass and its oil now has some knowledge about it, its users, and how useful it is.

Besides this discussion is also useful for everyone since it throws light on the most time-saving and easiest of the methods of extracting oil from the lemongrass plant.

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