How To Make Toilet Flush Better

How To Make Toilet Flush Better. You go to your toilet and flush your waste but it doesn’t flush it properly or it doesn’t even flush at all. You try it more than once to get it flush, it’s tiring and at the same frustrating experience for sure.

What if the same thing happens with your guest in your home? Just picture your guests going through such a frustrating experience in your home’s toilet, how are they going to feel about it?

What impression they are going to have of yours? This write-up is being written with the point of view to guide you on how to get your flush better.

How To Make Toilet Flush Better

how to make toilet flush better

Now don’t worry about your poor functioning flush, since now we have are now going to discuss a few useful tricks that can give you a better flush so you can avoid undesirable situations.

Let The Toilet Be Unclogged

First, check up with your toilet if it is clogged up or not? One of the often reasons of is the toilet being clogged up. Now toilet clogs are mainly of two types.

One if full clogged up in which there is no movement or flow of water at all.  The other one is part one in which the water does slowly comes up and then goes down. How to deal with the clogged-up toilet?

Plunger: Take up the toilet plunger and push it down the mark to see if it works or not.

Toilet auger: If the toilet plunger couldn’t serve the purpose then you can switch to a toilet auger.

Metal Rod Or Pipe

metal rod or pipe

This trick is likely to be a little annoying experience for you and it would be highly recommended to you to put on pair of gloves and wear a mask.

Once you are done wearing gloves and mask just turn of the water connection from your flush to your toilet and take away too long metal rod or pipe and then push it down in the drainage.

Once you feel you’ve reach down the maximum limit then keep spinning it right there and then pull it back.

When you completely pull it back then right away wash it somewhere in your washbasin to remove the smell. Now turn water connection from tank on and then flush it .

Use Of Chemical

use of chemical

This is little simple, just disconnect the supply of water from tank to the toilet .Now pour down in the drain  any detergent or chemical you have in your home.

Wait for some 20 to 30 minutes to let it settle down in the drain and then pour in the hot water in it.

Now connect the water supply from tank to toilet and then flush it. You are likely to get your desired result.


If the above discussed tricks doesn’t give you the desired result of better and swift flushing then its best for you to seek the help of professional .

Dust in the mechanism of toilet flush or adjustment in level of water

Often it happens when our laptop or personal computer doesn’t work with good pace, we do open up the main hardware areas of them and find layers of dust all over them and then we brush them and then we use them again to see huge difference in their processing speed.

Same could be the case with your flushing system , a system that exemplifies with CPU or main hardware units of your laptop, over a period of time their mechanisms also catches some layers of dust that require some cleaning . Once you clean them up then you can see your flush.

Sometimes water level in water tank is not up to where it supposed to be and for this you must be making usage of tank float assembly so that you can make the necessary adjustments.


If above mentioned tricks doesn’t serve you the purpose then you are recommended to seek the help of professional.

Fix a weak flushing Toilet


How To Make Toilet Flush Better. From this discussion now you are helped to make your flush better on your own, mostly it is clogged up toilet, however sometimes you do need the help of professional to get your job done.

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