How to reglaze a window

How to reglaze a window. Windows are important parts of every construction. No room is completed until there is not a window in it. Windows allow natural light inside the rooms which is very essential for everyone. They can allow the residents to see outside scenes.

Windows are the main source of ventilation. Fresh air passes through windows which necessary thing to have in room.

We have different kinds of windows like some windows are fixed, windows made up of metal, sash windows and double hanged windows are some types of windows.

We know that now a day’s most windows are made up of glass. Glass is such a thing, we cared most. It is used very carefully. It can be broken by slightly miss use.

Now glaze a window means to replace a glass from window. Install a new glass while re glaze a window means to deglaze the window depending upon the condition of it.

If the remaining condition of original window is good then we just re-glaze it which seals the window from water, moisture and air. Reglazing can help your home to insulate from high temperature.

How to reglaze a window

how to reglaze a window

In modern windows, glazing windows are mostly used. There are different types of ways of glazing are coming now a day’s depending upon the quality which helps the efficiency of windows and comfort level in the home.

It takes just 15 minutes to one hour for glazing a window depending upon the size and the way you are using it for re-glazing.

Use of putty to glaze

If you are using the technique of glazing a window with putty then it is harder work if it is in good condition because you have to take a lot of care for it.

First you must have putty gun, stiff putty knife and then wear gloves before starting your work. You can follow following steps to do it.

Look out the window

look out the window

Before starting your task take a long look of window and examine the window from outer side.

If there are tiny cracks then there is no need to fix them but if there are bigger cracks then you have to consider on re glazing of window.

Remove the sash

Now try to remove the sash. This is part of window which is from where it closes or opens.

While doing this extract the long part of wood. In old windows lead paint is used so take safety steps to avoid paint which is harmful to health.

Removal of damaged glass

removal of damaged glass

Now take out damaged glass out of window and broke down into small pieces. You can use knife or scarper for this process.

You can use heat gun for removing glass but extra heat will badly affect the side frame of window and you will have to re paint all the window.

Now after removing damaged glass, examine the condition of window either it is in good condition or not.

If you find any cracks then with adhesive polymer, you can bond it and smoothen the wood.

Installing glass in window

Now it is time to install glass into window. Measure the length and width of window from both side of window openings and cut out the glass according to your measurement.

After this add some glazing compound on the frame and put the glass on it and hold it hardly.

Applying window putty

applying window putty

Now its final steps that how to glaze a window. Make it sure that you are using a best quality of glazing putty.

You can get it from any hardware store at a reasonable price. Take small golf ball size putty and use it for some minutes.

When it is pliable then use the material on the edges of window panes.

Using putty knife

Now by using a putty knife tries to push the glazing into glass and frame. Use knife on glazing and move it on lengthwise for a smooth surface

Glazing the window with paint

Window glazing putty take more time to dry out and you have to wait for week if you want to paint it.

If there is some dirt on it then wait until it dry out and then you can clean it. During this time you can put window to its original position.


How to Re-glaze multi-pane windows?

If the window is two panes or three panes then their gasses are more complex. Now it does not mean that they are complex so they can’t be re-glazed.

How can we re-glaze old windows?

If you are reglazing an old window then take a lot of care while doing it because with time due to water and rot, it is cracked.

You must have information and practice of reglazing old windows because it takes some more time then the windows of nowadays.

How to Glaze a Window?


How to reglaze a window. If a glass of your window is cracked or broken down then it is better to ask some professional to do it. They can glaze the window properly with modern techniques and methods.

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