How to use a pampered chef can opener

How to use a pampered chef can opener. Many of us find it difficult to open can lid safely, but opening canned goods is a common kitchen activity. The tops of cans can be sharp and sometimes they cut us while opening them.

Because of this, we usually cover our hands when we pull the can out of its container. It has been reported that you can avoid getting cut by lid edges by using a Pampered Chef can opener to remove the lid.

The edge can be removed safely without breaking either of your fingers by twisting through the openings. Let’s now see how to use the Pampered Chef can opener correctly in this article.

How to use a pampered chef can opener

how to use a pampered chef can opener

When opening a can, rotate it clockwise. Continue turning the can opener until it has turned fully. Then release it.

Open the can by turning the knob on the lid claw clockwise. If any leftover scraps or liquids remain on top of your can, wipe them out with a damp paper towel.

1st Step

Can lids be located at the top? Cover the top by placing it on the top. Push down until it clicks into place. As soon as you’re done, tighten the opener around the can by turning its knob in a clockwise direction.

2nd Step

Rotate the can opener knob clockwise until the edge of the lid where it started when centered as you were at the beginning is reached.

Once the lid is completely undone, you will feel a slight pressure release on this area, so stop turning and remove it entirely.

3rd Step

To remove a can opener, do not turn it counterclockwise. Instead, pick the entire can opener up and move it to a new location.

4th step

Grab the bottom of the can with one hand and the top rim of the can with the can opener’s lid claw with the second hand.

When you lifted the can opener and clicked the lid with the claw, you were able to remove the lid. After you take the lid off a nearby trashcan, push the claw button to dispose of it properly in that trashcan.

The Benefits of Pampered Chef Can Openers

the benefits of pampered chef can openers

The smooth edge can opener fits hands of all sizes well. The handle prevents your hand from slipping on the cutting edge.

Compared to old-fashioned manual openers, it uses less space, so you have more counter space. Also, it’s dishwasher-safe, so it’s easy to clean.

With its sleek design, this can opener looks great. When it comes to cutting lids and cans, it makes use of its powerful cutting action. No other can opener runs this fast.

In addition, you don’t want to spend too much time using a manual opener; the effort involved takes up valuable time from other things you need to do.

In turn, these can openers help you spend less time opening cans, which reduces the strain on your hands. A good kitchen tool for the elderly, disabled, or those who prefer having an easy time.


How does the Pampered Chef Can Opener work?

This Smooth-Edge Can Opener protects your hands from cuts. A push-button opens lids with the claw, leaving no sharp edges behind.

What are the parts of a can opener?

A can opener usually consists of a metal blade and a plastic handle, with the cutter being made of metal.

How much does a can opener cost?

Products range in price from $10 to $50, depending on what they’re made from. You can buy manual can openers for around $10, but they may rust or break after a few months of regular use.

How To Use the Pampered Chef Smooth-Edge Can Opener?


How to use a pampered chef can opener. After learning how to use the Pampered Chef can opener correctly, you will be able to open cans without damaging them or having difficulty opening the lid.

With the Pampered Chef can opener, you can open cans simply, safely, and quickly. Trying this method, you will wonder how you ever managed to open cans before.

Hopefully, you find the Pampered Chef can opener to be easy to use and you are able to find a way to make it work well for you. Thanks for reading our article.

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