Identify Bugs that look like Cockroaches

Identify Bugs that look like Cockroaches All bugs are not the same. If you don’t understand how insects behave you won’t be able to tell if you see similar-looking insects that are different species.

The following information will help you differences between creatures that resemble roaches like bugs and actual cockroaches.

What bugs look like cockroaches? There are many nasty-looking insects that may have you wondering if they’re similar to what a roach looks like.

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Identify Bugs that look like Cockroaches

identify bugs that look like cockroaches

A lot of cockroaches, as well as water bug species such as the Palo Verde Beetle and Asian Long-Horned Beetle, ground beetles, and wood-boring beetles, can look like cockroaches.

You can identify roaches from other insects by using the following tips.


Some bugs are identifiable by their looks. For example, cockroaches have flat, oval-shaped bodies. Along with their long legs and antennae, this makes them easy to spot.

Some of the other bugs that you may be less familiar with include beetles, crickets, and grasshoppers. While beetles have shorter legs and antennae for example than a cockroach, they still look like a bug once you get a closer look at them in general.

Insects usually have hard exoskeletons and make a sound when squashed that can help identify them based on the sound.

The colors and markings

Some common varieties of roaches look like beetles with their brown and black shades but these are quite different from the insects we commonly call roaches.

Roaches have three stages of life, egg, nymph, and adult, making them incomplete insects due to the fact that they lack wings. It is technically true that roaches are neither insects nor arthropods.

Their closest relations are obviously crickets and grasshoppers. Ground beetles have similar characteristics to beetles but face downwards when threatened instead of rolling themselves into a ball like a beetle.

The Life Cycle

the life cycle

There are many different kinds of bugs that all come from eggs. The insects that hatch from the eggs are similar in looks to the adult bug.

Cockroaches actually come from babies called nymphs.

The Wings

Most cockroaches have wings that lie underneath a hard shell on their back. Many beetles also have small, flat wings underneath some exoskeleton armor. Crickets can sometimes even fly.

Habitats and Habits

Cockroaches are often mistakenly referred to as water bugs, a type of true bug that may live only in water. Cockroaches never actually live in water; they’re afraid of it.

Even though most crickets and beetles live outdoors, some can enter your home under certain conditions. Beetles and crickets like light, but cockroaches prefer darkness.

The movement

Grasshoppers like crickets, which are actually a type of grasshopper, can leap ten times their own height. Their wings push down air as they transfer force from one leg to the other.

Thus, crickets do not bounce powerfully, but rather bounce up for a long-distance, often around 10 body lengths.



Usually, cockroaches eat whatever they can find lying around, so they are scavengers. They like to eat plants and other insects as well as food off your table while you’re not looking.

Roaches won’t usually eat clothing or bedding unless it’s dirty but some types of beetles are destructive to wood, fabric, and more. Beetles are predatory insects.


How do cockroaches and beetles differ?

The cockroach has long legs and antennae as well as an oval body. A beetle’s legs are shorter, but its antennae are the same length. Since beetles have a hard exoskeleton, stepping on them will not make them move.

Are bed bugs similar to roaches?

Roaches will turn red in color and bed bugs will grow out of that point until they become white mature adults. Roaches have a brownish-black appearance.

A bed bug’s body is shorter and oval-shaped, like an apple seed, with a reddish spot on the back.

bugs that look like cockroaches but aren’t


Identify Bugs that look like Cockroaches. Cockroaches are one of the most notorious pests in the world. They are known for their scavenging abilities, their ability to spread disease, and their ability to thrive in any environment.

It is important to know how to identify cockroaches, so you can get them under control before they do any real damage.

Hopefully,  This article teaches you how to identify cockroaches, as well as how to control them in your own home.

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